Web Analytics

Web analytics is important when making decisions about your business. We help you evaluate how users act when they access it.

Web analytics is responsible for analyzing the activity of a website. Make decisions based on user behavior on your portal and increase your sales.

What is web analytics?

Analytics, in this context, is the measurement and study of Internet traffic. Its main objective is to understand and optimize the use of a website.

It is not only about measuring the traffic of our portal, but about understanding and analyzing it, so you can make improvements and achieve your goals.

Why is it important to analyze and optimize our website?

Web analytics serves, among other things, to know the digital activity of our business and thus investigate what the behavior of your users is on the web.

Through web analytics we will be able to know in more detail the results of marketing actions and, based on it, make the most appropriate decisions on our website to:

  • Boost your marketing strategies.
  • Optimize, and manage to sell more, or attract more customers.
  • Identify your audience and connect with it.

The objective of this analysis is to be able to make the pertinent changes and increase the satisfaction of our consumer.

An optimized website will improve the ratio around the return on investment (ROI) of those Marketing activities that we are carrying out in parallel.

¿Why GMOL Solutions?

Our team of professionals will study the impact of online marketing campaigns and the behavior of visitors looking for the latest trends and making the best decisions for your business.

  • We compile the most relevant data: visits, page views, bounce rates, time spent on the site ... and many more metrics equal to or more important than these.
  • We determine the KPIs of your business. These indicators will give us the key around which to manage the strategy.
  • We identify your audience, define it and segment it. We define the segments of your audience to optimize efforts and target campaigns to your real audience and not to an undetermined mass.
  • We make decisions and implement the necessary changes to optimize your website.

No matter the size of your business, it is no longer enough to have some knowledge about Digital Marketing. Lean on our GMOL web analytics team. Analytics is one more step to success.

We are experts in PPC campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.