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If you are looking for an agency that manages your Social Media Marketing campaign, you have found us. We are experts in campaign management to create and manage your social media strategy.

Social Media Marketing is a new game board where brands and consumers move. The evolution of communication in a world in which everything is connected. Enter the present of the communication.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the strategy that is carried out using social media as a medium. It includes all those actions that we carry out in our company that have to do with Social Media.

It refers to a series of Internet-based tools and platforms that, in coordination, open up a new space for communication for companies, a new space in which everyone can share information. It is the strategic creation of a new communication channel with a global audience.

The consumer is now a participant in the entire process, he is no longer just a mere buyer, now he opines and advises. Marketing has had to find a way to evolve serving this new consumer. This is how Social Media Marketing was born, as a response to this communication context, in which brands, products and consumers are directly related.


Why is Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization important?

We cannot ignore that the way we communicate has changed. This is a revolution, for the first time we have access to this volume of information globally, instantly and free of charge.

The rise of online communities and social media has become a means of mandatory exploration by brands. It is essential that we use this new context to give more exposure to our company.

Social Media Marketing allows you to meet your customers, know what you want and what you don't, you can approach them and offer them what they are looking for. You can get in touch not only with your current clients, but also with those who are not yet.

All that information that when used properly will increase your sales.

It is essential to obtain all the information that social media offers you and know how to execute it in a good communication strategy. The optimization of this strategy and the digital identity of your company in social networks is your Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Why GMOL Solutions for your Social Media Marketing strategy?

We will help you "listen" to your customers, understand their perceptions about your brand, their needs and their purchase intentions.

It is no longer enough to be present in traditional media, you must be in the digital ecosystem. Unlike the mass media where the consumer was a passive entity, in social networks customers interact with your brand and product in real time. We offer you tools to analyze the data obtained and obtain the best results.

We will generate a stable management and publication strategy on your social networks. Periodic reports and optimization of results.

We will also manage your payment strategy on Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube. We generate campaigns that will offer you effective results with a high segmentation capacity of your consumers, by targeting the impacts we will increase the ROI of your campaign.

Marketing on social networks is one more tool within our digital marketing strategy, take full advantage of social media and increase your sales.

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