Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best friend of content marketing. If you think the time has come to increase your sales and improve your conversions, trust your email marketing campaign with us.

It's time to integrate email marketing into your digital marketing strategy. Brands and professionals must bet on a powerful, scalable and profitable tool. A strategy that well used, designed and worked will help to meet your digital marketing objectives.

What is email marketing?

Simplifying, we could say that it is a direct marketing tool that serves to communicate with your clients (current or potential) by sending emails.

But the reality is that it involves a whole set of actions carried out to achieve your marketing objectives through content and valuable communications. A whole methodology around the segmentation of your target, text work, monitoring of results.

Email marketing is not just sending a newsletter. A newsletter is one more action within the email marketing strategy, of all those that we can implement within the planned strategy.

Email marketing is not sending information to a mailing list without debugging or customizing. It is to make good use of the database that we have by sending information that our clients want and adds value to them.

Why should we have an Email Marketing strategy?

Many companies do not know the possibilities offered by email marketing, being a relevant tool with a great conversion rate and very good results.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, for every euro invested in email marketing, we will be able to obtain up to € 30 of ROI, and that is that around 7% of the total sales of retailers comes from this tool.

Email marketing has established itself as a very attractive option with great potential for promotion.

Its main objective is to create a "positive" relationship between customers and the company. It is not an invasive method, but rather the client has previously given their consent to receive information about your brand.

Remember, email marketing is the most effective way to remind your clients that you are the one who has the solution to their problems.

Why GMOL Solutions for your Email Marketing strategy?

We will help you add value to your customers by offering personalized offers tailored to each specific target. The best way to ruin your Email Marketing strategy is by sending emails that do not contribute anything to your clients, Gmol Solutions will put at your disposal its best professionals to avoid this common mistake.

  • We will manage your Email Marketing strategy based on the KPIs that fit your business objectives.
  • We will promote the loyalty of your customers by sending them high-quality, useful and relevant information for them.
  • We will offer you periodic results so you know how the campaign is working at all times.
  • We will take advantage of all the advantages of this tool, taking advantage of the best for your business. Make your clients remember you.

How will we do your Email Marketing campaign?

  • Target definition: Who am I going to target? We give segmentation the valuation it deserves.
  • Definition of the objectives pursued: What for? We set the objectives of the campaign in line with the generals of the brand.
  • Definition of the actions to apply; How? Thanks to the target and the objectives that we have defined we will be able to determine the tone of communication that we are going to use according to each segment of the target and the specific actions that we are going to launch. Communication cannot be the same for those who already know us as for those potential clients.
  • Measure and monitor: How much? Once the strategy is implemented, we will measure, optimize and analyze each action, making sure that you always get the best possible result.
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