Services: Digital Strategic Consulting

Do you outsource or internalize your marketing work? In your business you can bet on an own team or a specialized external professional team looking for greater flexibility and cost savings. Another person's vision can often help to take a new perspective on a problem.

What is an Online Marketing Consulting?

Consulting is an externally sought service with the aim of solving specific problems. It consists of taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of a professional in a specific business area in a timely or recurring manner.

Digital consulting can guide you in many aspects of your online business. There is an erroneous tendency to think that an online job has less work than a physical one, but those of us who work in this well know that it is not true.

How can your consultant help you?

Perspective: a person outside your company will have a different way of seeing your business.

Analysis: in order to study your business or project you will need to collect a lot of information, with all that data your consultant will be able to analyze its strengths and weaknesses and an improvement strategy to help you take advantage of your advantages and alleviate those that are not. You will improve things that you were not considering before.

Experience: A specialist in a specific sector has a very localized experience, which will allow you to easily find possible problems that will arise and be able to avoid them.

Arbitration: your consultant will be your mediator in the company, providing an external vision, bringing together the different points of view held internally in order to arrive at the best solution.

Why GMOL Solutions?

We fully analyze and audit your business, your target audience and the general situation of the sector in which your business is framed.

Processes and strategic plans that you must follow to advance with the support of monthly, quarterly or annual reports or through the preparation of manuals that can be used internally.

We will automate and implement processes that make your work more efficient internally.

We will guide you in the development of strategy and service or project proposals with the intention that you can attract more customers.

We will define a strategy and action plan regarding your online business and we will create and organize the necessary actions to achieve the stated objectives.

Free consulting for your website

Te ofrecemos un servicio de consultoría digital totalmente gratuito y personalizado. ¿Quieres saber qué mejorar en tu web? ¿Cómo podrías hacer que tus clientes compren más tus productos? Déjanos que te demos solo unos consejos, son gratis. ¿Qué puedes perder?

What type of digital consulting do you need?

  1. Hourly Consulting: Our most basic service. This type of consulting is focused on specific situations and critical moments. If you have a specific problem, this is the option we recommend.
  1. Medium / long-term consulting: it is designed to extend over time rather than the hourly rate. It is optimal for those seeking more comprehensive guidance regarding their strategies and goals.
  1. Consulting by Objectives: This is a recently created type of consulting. It is very effective and is normally used when the entrepreneur or professional needs support to achieve a specific purpose.