Digital Signage

Join the companies that are committed to digital signage as an efficient, fast, innovative and economical system.

Digital signage is the advertising of the present, when advertising comes out of your Smartphone or laptop to settle in the real world. The evolution of outdoor advertising.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a new advertising format based on the emission of digital marketing content on multimedia devices (projectors, screens, touch panels, totems ...).

Normally this type of multimedia devices are located at the point of sale (indoor digital signage), or in public places (outdoor digital signage). These new supports allow the company to create, manage and publish their own content combining the advantages of digital advertising and traditional outdoor advertising.

Why should you use digital signage?

Digital signage will allow you to increase brand memory. According to studies, around 80% of people impacted from an external digital screen remember the message they received or read.

It is a very innovative and daring support, the digital signage will make you capture the attention of your buyers in a more direct way. It is a not very expensive tool that will allow you to stand out from your competition.

Dynamic digital advertising can make a customer opt for you once at the point of sale, you will be present when the customer decides why to buy. Capture the attention of your customers.

People spend around 60% more time looking at a digital screen than observing a conventional advertising medium.

Thanks to digital signage you can create unique experiences that make your user associate with positive memories, both at the point of sale and at the brand image level.

Why GMOL Solutions?

The success of a digital signage campaign lies in a good definition of objectives, an optimal strategic conceptualization and correct planning.

We will define a digital signage strategy that increases the engagement and the memory of your brand.

A strategy subject to modifications according to the needs of your company. Keep in mind that the contents can be modified in real time, so you don't have to worry. Any new element can be integrated into your branded content strategy.

We will help you create an interactive format, easy to use and with all the content you need your clients to know about you.

A graphic solution for every communication need, that's what these supports can offer you. With GMOL Solutions we will generate a dialogue strategy between your company and your clients.

We will integrate digital signage into your global online marketing strategy by supporting and completing it with these new formats.

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