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Do you want to increase the number of clients in your wellness center? Do you want to make the customer feel that they are special from minute one? Do you want them to trust you? You will get it with us.

In a world where everything is so globalized and time seems to go faster and faster, it is very difficult to find a place to relax and unwind. Still, there are little places that look like heaven on earth. We are talking about those places where everything seems to disappear and you can restart your mind again.

Spas, beauty centers, massage centers, luxury hotels or spas are some examples of these pieces of heaven, where we can forget our problems. Everyone who hears these words thinks they are going to have an extraordinary time. But what if they don't know your business exists?

If you have an enterprise that has to do with well-being it is important that your potential client knows it, because if he does not know, two things will happen: he will not be able to relax and you will not be able to receive your remuneration.

That is why, below, we are going to show you what we are going to do so that your client finds you, knows you and chooses you as the best in what you do.

Web design

We will create the website of your business to measure, segmented and studied. We will analyze your clients, we will give them a good impression and we will make them, through audiovisual means, in good hands.

GMOL Solutions designs are responsive, this means that all people who need a spa and come to your website will be able to see it regardless of whether they do it on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Many end customers will meet you on your website, call you and finally hire your service. Others, on the other hand, will be swarming through social networks until they reach your website where they will finish convincing themselves and will make their purchase in the shopping cart.

Remember that your website is a reflection of your business, that is why it has to be neat and clean, for that there are no better professionals than those of GMOL Solutions.

SEO positioning

We are working all year round, and when the holidays or the weekend arrive we want to disconnect. This is why it is normal that when choosing a place to relax we are very exquisite. Most people interested in a spa or massage center will look at various websites and quotes.

Make no mistake! The client does not always look for the cheapest price, but the one that ensures that he will spend a moment worth remembering. GMOL Solutions will make sure to get this message across to you.

But where will people look for the place to ask their questions? Exactly, in the search engines.

Unlike PPC advertising, SEO allows your company to be well positioned without having to pay for each click. It is a much longer process, but the results will always be fruitful for your company.

Remember this; If your client finds you in a good position, you will have a better chance of choosing you as their final supplier.

If I have a beauty salon, how can I apply SEO to increase my visibility on the Internet? You probably don't have the time available to do it, since a business of your size will not allow it. At GMOL Solutions we have SEO experts who will work on your project to achieve results as soon as possible.

How will they do it? They will publish exclusive content on the aesthetic sector. This way Google and other search engines will consider your website as relevant. They will also ensure high quality links from other websites so that you are associated with the highest quality virtual spaces in your industry.

What is the best of SEO? Your discretion. When we create a PPC campaign, everyone knows that we are there because we pay, on the other hand, when we position ourselves organically, the effort that has been made to get there stands out. Many will not see it with the naked eye, but once the user enters your business website, they will realize that all the content written will invite them to choose you.

Advertising on Google

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is very efficient for those who want to rank high on Google quickly. It will make it easy for people interested in the wellness sector to find you and associate your brand with what they are looking for. Why should you choose this option to advertise your business?

  • You only pay when the customer clicks, as opposed to TV or radio ads that charge you just to run your ad, regardless of whether your potential customers view it or not.
  • It allows you to perform analysis automatically. You can keep track of your PPC campaign to change and make it more effective.

Successful PPC campaigns need constant attention. That is why many clients in your sector contact us.

Email Marketing

Mailing is a very powerful tool to "soft sell" your services. Little by little, through persuasive messages you will show that client that they have not chosen you yet, but it is potential why you are their best option.

But what is the secret to making this type of campaign work in the wellness sector? Share value for your users. For example, if your purpose is for couples to come to your spa on Valentine's Day, start by sending them a Boucher with a 20% discount, if you do, you will capture their attention. Once they come to your center, they will be delighted and will not mind paying the full amount next time.

If you add an article to this message on how to take care of your skin after being in the pool, you will give the finishing touch.

This type of content will make your audience feel that they are in good hands, since you will give the feeling of an expert on the human body.

Social networks

Potential customers have less and less time. This is why they cannot visit all the luxury hotels in the city that they want to visit. Most will watch social media or the web and decide based on what their eyes see. Creating a Social Media Marketing campaign will considerably increase your sales opportunities.

By creating online communities, you will listen to the opinion of your potential customers, you will receive inquiries, you will have greater strength in the market and they will associate your brand with the satisfaction of their need.

If you want to know more about our Social Media Marketing campaigns, we invite you to visit our blog.

We have an excellent group of Digital Marketing professionals specialized in the wellness sector. You will have personalized attention, you will be informed of all the results, you will receive periodic analyzes on the response rate of your clients and, most importantly, you will be more visible and your clients will increase.

In summary

  • Identify your niche. Before starting work, define who you are going to share information with; Be clear about their needs, know if they are satisfied with your services, determine their tastes and know how to sell them.
  • Use social networks, a resource that never goes out of style. There you will be aware of what they think of you, and you will know how to please them. Remember to put eye-catching photos of your center.
  • Create a website. At least you must have a website with your own domain. This will give you an image of professionalism. And, if you add to this you have a neat and clean design, you will triumph over your competition.
  • Run PPC and SEO campaigns. Since you are going to invest in creating a good web design, make sure it is visible.
  • Send messages by email. Keep your clients up to date with the latest news from your center, as well as your offers and new achievements.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions. If you want to receive more information to create your Digital Marketing campaign, contact us!

Each project is an unbeatable opportunity to develop and grow your business. With GMOL Solutions the success of your project is assured.