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Marketing occupies an important place in business management. However, its implementation in the public sector has not yet been highly developed. Public organizations can benefit greatly from technological innovations and enjoy the benefits of Digital Marketing, just like other companies.

If you belong to a public organization and have not yet used marketing strategies for your projects, read this post and you will change your mind.

Budget limitations are not the only factor that has affected the gap between what citizens think and what reaches the ears of the Public Administration. Today's citizens are not the same as 50 years ago, that is why the channels to reach them have changed.

If you want to reach your citizens between 10 and 60 years old, you have to be present on the Internet. If not, most of your attempts to get them information about your projects or even their public debt will be useless. You need to virtualize. And we will explain why.

Private company vs public sector

Like private companies, the Public Administration must use and uses content marketing strategies to attract people to them. It is also used to inform, raise awareness, make citizens react and encourage participation.

Good content marketing is necessary to reach the public. But how do you know what content to create? Through the interaction achieved through virtual communities.

The geographic location gap no longer exists. Today you can listen to all the citizens of the country through the Internet. Before to hear people's opinions, you had to go to the place where they were or watch them on television, now not. If you enter any social network and look for news about government projects, you will see comments of all kinds, without having asked for an opinion, simply because they are free to do so.

From these comments and debates you can get a lot of information for your next projects or campaigns, you will know what society expects of you and even what you should change to keep them happy.

Public Administrations are increasingly aware of the importance of being on social networks, but not all of them manage to connect with their citizens.

For your Social Media Marketing campaign to work, you must consult with experts in the sector to help you analyze if what you do is working or will do so in the future.

The budget in Digital Marketing for the public sector

The budget is no longer a problem, since there are advertisements on the web that adjust to all possible rates. In addition, advertising a Public Administration on the Internet has two fundamental advantages that traditional media do not have:

  • You can better segment the audience that sees your advertising and, at the same time, increase your visibility. For example, if you used to use billboards for your branch, only people passing by would see it and most of them didn't even pay attention to it. On the other hand, if you run a campaign on social networks, it will be seen by all those who are online, on the street or on the sofa at home. Even those who wish will be able to contact you immediately.
  • You receive comments in real time. Citizen feedback will help you improve your advertising strategy and make a better analysis of your results. Knowing your opinions will help the public sector to see where you are; What are your strengths and weaknesses.

But what can I do to advertise the Public Administration on the Internet?

Content Marketing

Designing a content and social media marketing strategy is the fastest and most effective. It will help us to:

  • Improve your image. The presence of the Public Administration in social networks makes it more human, brings it closer to its citizens and improves its reputation. It will give a feeling of transparency.
  • Generate a closer relationship. A good Social Media Marketing campaign will help you interact with citizens. In addition, creating valuable content will help greater interaction.
  • It will promote citizen participation. The Public Administrations present in the social networks create a space for the user where they can give their opinion, suggest, protest or ask questions, either at a local or general level. If I am Spanish and live in Argentina, maybe I will follow the Madrid Public Administration on Instagram. In this way, even if I am outside the country, I will be able to comment on the Spanish situation from a different point of view.

Responsive web design for the public sector

Having a good design of your website is the center that unites all advertising campaigns in Digital Marketing.

GMOL Solutions designs are responsive, this means that all people who want to see the latest public news and come to your website will be able to see them regardless of whether they do so on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Many citizens will know you from your website. Others, on the other hand, will be swarming through social networks until they reach your website where they will end up being convinced that your management is extraordinary.

Remember that your website is a reflection of your branch, that is why it has to be neat and clean, for that there are no better professionals than those of GMOL Solutions.

SEO positioning

Trusting a Public Administration organization is not an impulsive decision. But where will people look for the place to ask their questions? Exactly, in the search engines.

Unlike PPC advertising, SEO allows your company to be well positioned without having to pay for each click. It is a much longer process, but the results will always be fruitful for your company.

Remember this; If your client finds you in a good position, you will have a better chance of choosing you as their final supplier.

If I have a branch of the Public Administration and I want to increase citizen participation in my city, how can I apply SEO to increase my visibility on the Internet?

You probably do not have the time available to do it, since a job of your size will not allow it. At GMOL Solutions we have SEO experts who will work on your project to achieve results as soon as possible.

How will they do it? They will publish exclusive content about the public sector. This way Google and other search engines will consider your website as relevant. They will also ensure high-quality links from other websites so that you are associated with the most relevant virtual spaces.

What is the best thing about SEO? Your discretion. When we create a PPC campaign, everyone knows that we are there because we pay, on the other hand, when we position ourselves organically, the effort that has been made to get there stands out.

Advertising on Google for the public sector

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is very efficient for those who want to rank high on Google quickly. It will make it easy for people interested in the public sector to find you and associate your brand with what they are looking for. Why should you choose this option to advertise your public branch?

  • You only pay when the customer clicks, as opposed to TV or radio ads that charge you just to run your ad, regardless of whether your potential customers view it or not.
  • It allows you to perform analysis automatically. You can keep track of your PPC campaign to change and make it more effective.

Successful PPC campaigns need constant attention. That is why many clients from the public sector contact us.

If you work in a branch of the Public Administration, most likely you will not have time to prepare a PPC advertisement of these characteristics. Do not worry! We will take care of everything, we will increase citizen participation, we will adjust to your budget and we will analyze the results.

Email Marketing

Mailing is a very powerful tool to "gently convince". Little by little, by means of persuasive messages, you will show the citizens that you watch over them.

But what is the secret for this type of campaign to work in the public sector? Share value for your users. For example, if your purpose is for them to give their opinion on the remodeling of the Plaza de España, send them a photo of the works, along with an article that talks about the advantages of this remodeling. Attach to this information a direct link to your social networks where they can openly comment on what they think.

This type of content will make your audience feel that they are in good hands, since you will give the feeling that you care about keeping them informed and knowing what they think of your work.

Social networks

Society has less and less time. This is why if you have a thought about the work of the Public Administration, you will not go, one by one, to talk about all your impressions. For this reason, Social Media Marketing campaigns are an excellent option for the public sector.

By creating online communities, you will listen to the opinion of citizens, receive inquiries, have greater strength in the country and associate your brand with satisfaction and respect.

If you want to know more about our Social Media Marketing campaigns, we invite you to visit our blog.

We have an excellent group of Digital Marketing professionals specialized in the public sector. You will have personalized attention, you will be informed of all the results, you will receive periodic analysis of the response rate and, most importantly, you will be more visible.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

If you want to receive more information to create your Digital Marketing campaign, contact us!

Each project is an unbeatable opportunity to develop and grow your business. With GMOL Solutions the success of your project is assured.