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Aviation marketing presents a challenge for every industry. To carry it out you must have your objectives very well defined and an appropriate focus. We will help you create your entire Marketing strategy from scratch to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Take off your business with GMOL Solutions.

Know your target audience

It depends on the aviation company that you manage, your audience can be varied: from businessmen who want to buy an airline to individuals who want to plan their summer vacations. How you communicate with each of them will vary considerably. This means that you must know your target audience before jumping into the pool and creating a marketing plan.

The first step in making your aviation marketing strategy work is understanding your potential customers. From there, you can work together and meet their needs optimally.

What is the next step?

Evaluate how we are going to get the message to them; social networks, email, digital advertising ...

Keep in mind that it is not the same to communicate with a client who needs a plane ticket, than with one who has not even thought about it. Your way of approaching the message will be different.

Once Attention Has Been Captured: Now What?

This is where you have to play all your cards and convince him that you are what he is looking for. In some quarters a phrase will suffice, but on other occasions, you will need a more elaborate and eloquent speech.

In aviation your customer base will generally make very expensive decisions. That is why having a quality-price product is important. Although that will depend on whether you want to focus on a more global audience or only on sectors with high or very high purchasing power. In both cases, we can help you.

When we are in this stage of business, a simple website will no longer be of as much help as at the beginning of our business. A quality web design will help your client feel in good hands without even knowing you yet.

But man does not live on aesthetics alone. You need to have quality content on your website, elegant and efficient. If you have an airline, you probably have customers from different countries: make sure your website is available in all languages. Remember that it is worth investing for what is worth obtaining.

Next, you will see a list of the most used resources to improve your number of clients in the aviation sector.

Responsive web design

Aviation is a giant industry, generating more than 50 million jobs worldwide and more than 2 trillion dollars in annual expenses. It is a saturated market, made up of airports, airlines, flight schools, aviation associations and brokers competing to earn their place in the market.

Having a good design of your website is the first step to differentiate yourself from your competition.

GMOL Solutions designs are responsive, this means that all people who want a plane ticket and come to your website will be able to see it regardless of whether they do it on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Many end customers will meet you on your website, call you and finally make the purchase. Others, on the other hand, will do it from your web space if you give them enough confidence.

Remember that your website is a reflection of your business, that's why it has to be neat and clean, for that there are no better professionals than those of GMOL Solutions.

Whether you have an international airline or a local travel agency, you need an attractive and responsive web design.

Importance of web design in aviation

From the moment the potential client enters your website, you only have 10 seconds to convince yourself that it is you and not someone else who can help you. Creating a website that attracts rather than repels sounds easy, but it is not. Because what works for one prospect does not work for another. This is why you need professionals to accompany you.

If you work in the aviation sector and are interested in improving or creating your website, contact us and we will advise you on which website best suits your needs. Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

SEO positioning

Making the purchase of a plane ticket or a complete airline is not an impulsive decision. Most interested people are looking for different quotes and it is not an easy task to convince them that you are the best option. But where will people look for the place to ask their questions? Exactly, in the search engines.

Unlike PPC advertising, SEO allows your company to be well positioned without having to pay for each click. It is a much longer process, but the results will always be fruitful for your company.

Remember this; If your client finds you in a good position, you will have a better chance of choosing you as their final supplier.

If I have an airline, how can I apply SEO to increase my visibility on the Internet? You probably don't have the time available to do it, since a business of your size will not allow it. At GMOL Solutions we have SEO experts who will work on your project to achieve results as soon as possible.

How will they do it? They will publish exclusive content about the aviation sector. This way Google and other search engines will consider your website as relevant. They will also ensure high quality links from other websites so that you are associated with the highest quality virtual spaces in your industry.

What is the best thing about SEO? Your discretion. When we create a PPC campaign, everyone knows that we are there because we pay, on the other hand, when we position ourselves organically, the effort that has been made to get there stands out. Many will not see it with the naked eye, but once the user enters your business website, they will realize that all the content written will invite them to choose you.

Why does SEO help aviation?

It is logical that the aviation industry still relies on traditional advertising methods; shops at street level, networking, word of mouth, fairs, etc. While these methods are great, they are no longer as effective as they used to be. And, in many cases, the investor spends more than he receives in return. Most of your customers will search for you online, using keywords.

Words have power. SEO reminds us of the power of words to convince. What's more, to find ourselves on the first page of Google we must not only convince the customer, but also Google. Easy task? I do not think so.

To index our website, Google uses the keywords that we use in our virtual texts. These words must be chosen strategically. We must put ourselves in the client's shoes, if I want a plane ticket what words would I use: Plane flights, cheap plane flights, Belgium-Spain plane ... All these questions, GMOL Solutions analyzes them and chooses the best keywords to position you.

Advertising on Google

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is very efficient for those who want to rank high on Google quickly. It will make it easy for people interested in the automotive sector to find you and associate your brand with what they are looking for. Why should you choose this option for aviation advertising?

  • You only pay when the customer clicks, as opposed to TV or radio ads that charge you just to run your ad, regardless of whether your potential customers view it or not.
  • It allows you to perform analysis automatically. You can keep track of your PPC campaign to change and make it more effective.

Successful PPC campaigns need constant attention. That is why many customers in the automotive sector contact us.

GMOL Solutions will take care of everything, we will make your business have more sales, we will adjust to your budget and analyze the results.

Email Marketing

Mailing is a very powerful tool to "sell softly". Little by little, through persuasive messages you will show that client that they have not chosen you yet, but it is potential why you are their best option.

But what is the secret to make this type of campaign work in the aviation sector? Share value for your users. For example, if your purpose is to fill all the seats on your plane, start by sending a 20% discount if you do so before next month, as well as useful tips to choose the cheapest dates to organize a pleasure trip.

This type of content will make your audience feel that they are in good hands, since you will give the feeling of an expert in what you are offering.

Social networks

Potential customers have less and less time. This is why Social Media Marketing campaigns are an excellent option for your aviation business.

By creating online communities, you will listen to the opinion of your potential customers, receive inquiries, have greater strength in the market and associate your brand with the satisfaction of their need.

If you want to know more about our Social Media Marketing campaigns, we invite you to visit our blog.

We have an excellent group of Digital Marketing professionals specialized in the aviation sector. You will have personalized attention, you will be informed of all the results, you will receive periodic analyzes on the response rate of your clients and, most importantly, you will be more visible and your clients will increase.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

If you want to receive more information to create your Digital Marketing campaign, contact us!

Each project is an unbeatable opportunity to develop and grow your business. With GMOL Solutions the success of your project is assured.