Youtube. How can you help me in my business?

What is Youtube

As a colloquial definition we can say that YouTube is a television on the web. Includes live and delayed broadcasts.

Every day the definition of television is more accurate, since we can already see YouTube through Smart TV. In case of not having SMART TV, we can watch this platform on television through external devices.

YouTube is a social network with a very large reach, we give you some tips so that you understand its magnitude:

  1. It is the second most visited website in the world. Only Google and Facebook are ahead. Data provided by Alexa.
  1. The closest competitor is Netflix, which is ranked 27th.
  1. Its search engine is the second most popular in the world.
  1. More than 5 billion videos are viewed a day on its platform. Its average is 5 reproductions per day per inhabitant.
  1. Among the millennial generation, 2 out of 3 prefer to watch videos on YouTube than to watch television.

What can it bring you

The answer is simple: a lot or a lot.

It can bring you fun, lucrative fun, or a good marketing strategy.

YouTube has tremendous potential to apply it in your business life, both in conversions and in new habits of life.

Is it really within your reach?

Everyone has the ability to appear on YouTube. Another thing is to get the most out of it.

With the right team of professionals you can gobble through your target audience’s screen.

To be successful on YouTube, there are only four requirements that you should have:

  1. Be clear about your audience and good quality content.
  1. Offer value to your market niche.
  1. Be creative and have skills.
  1. Have perseverance.
  1. Apply a good SEO in the titles of your videos.

Entertaining them is a good way to get conversions. A clear example is the BBVA bank channel. Make motivational videos to encourage your customers and do not encourage them to buy, but help you to humanize your brand. Visit their channel.

Copyright on Youtube

Being a tool that everyone can use, there is a lot of room for content made by others to be used. This is why copyright is especially important.

The difficulty in copyright does not lie in whether it is legal or illegal. There are many grays on YouTube where you are allowed to partially use copyrighted content.

It’s difficult to give an example where copyrighted content can be used. We leave you this post so that you clarify all the doubts you have on this subject.

The incredible advantages of using YouTube in your brand

  1. It is much more effective in conversion rates.
  1. The audience has the perception that making good videos is difficult.
  1. You will have less competition than on other platforms.
  1. It is an excellent dissemination channel for your video marketing campaigns. To learn more about this type of campaign, click here.
  1. Youtube is perfect to do personal branding.
  1. Videos shared on YouTube are a powerful food for social networks. The combination of YouTube + social networks allows you to have a strong presence on the Internet.
  1. You will improve your organic positioning through SEO.

GMOL Solutions will help you improve your presence on YouTube

The time to start your Marketing strategy is now.

If you are an entrepreneur willing to succeed among your competitors, get in touch with GMOL Solutions and you will achieve everything you set your mind to. We have helped many people with good projects to shape them and achieve an efficient client portfolio.

If you want to get a presence in the market, you need professionals who know such efficient YouTube tools.

In GMOL Solutions We have an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics who will help you advertise on the best platforms with a personalized Marketing strategy for your business. We will make your project a reality.

Through Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media campaigns … Contact us and we will make you a personalized campaign according to the resources and objectives of your company.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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