What is web design

Definition of web design

He Web design It is the branch of design that is dedicated to the maintenance of web sites and applications. This maintenance includes activities such as planning, designing, implementing new designs and maintaining what has already been achieved. We can also include the aesthetic part of the web and the creation of content.

The term Web design It encompasses much more than just design, since it is also responsible for designing the interface and creating graphic material for the website. Today, it is a highly demanded discipline and one of the factors that most influences the success of a company’s website.

What is a web page

Web page It is defined as that electronic document that has visual, textual and / or sound information inside. Your accommodation is on a server and is accessible when we have web browsers.

Basic process for creating a web design

Define the corporate colors. These are usually the colors included in the logo.

2. That all the windows on our website retain these colors.

3. Avoid visual contamination

4. Choose carefully the images that we are going to use.

5. Accessibility.

6. Short charging times.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

The role of Web designer goes very hand in hand with the work of the Web developer . But they don’t do the same job. The web developer translates the graphic elements made by the Web designer and translates them into code so that the page can look good and be functional.

Benefits of web design

Hire a Web designer for our company it is always a good option. The reason is not only that we will have an attractive website, there are many benefits:

  1. Create a good impression. Our Web page corporate is the letter of presentation of our business in digital media. When a customer clicks it’s ours Web page We have only a few seconds to get your attention or you will close the window and never open it again. At that time the work of the Web designer.
  2. Better positioning in Google. One of the ways to stand out on the web is to get one of the first places on Google. How do I get it? Generating SEO content, that is, creating content with keywords so that Google qualifies us and positions us as the best option for the user. It is one of the most important points for a good digital strategy. For example, a spa that offers massages and beauty treatments that carries out various articles on skin care and the consequences of not ending contractures in time. However, if you do not have this material, it will probably never appear among the first pages and be forgotten, or worse, it will never be seen by your audience.
  3. Competitive advantage. When your company gains weight on the web, you gain an advantage over your competitors. In case your competitors also have a website, it is the job of your marketing team to be outstanding.
  4. Increase in income. By getting a greater virtual presence, your sales will increase and with it the income of your company.
  5. Increased word of mouth marketing. This effect is more common than we think. It happens to us constantly. Surely at some point the situation of entering a web page has happened to you, noticing that it has a spectacular design and passing it through WhatsApp to a friend. The user sentiment is not what good web designer would have done this? But yes the following ; has 20% or it has my best friend’s favorite color , or It so happens that my mother was looking for a shirt and I just entered this page where she can easily buy it …
  6. Good accessibility to your business. Your customers can make purchases 365 days a year, 24 hours a day thanks to your website.

Can anyone design a web page?

Unfortunately there are many people who look down on the work of the Web design or even graphic design, thinking that it is a job that anyone can do, without any knowledge. Design a Web page It is not a one day or one hour job. Just because “anyone can do it” does not mean that everyone can design a quality website.

It is true that there are many applications with pre-installed templates that can help us at any given time, but in no case will it make us position ourselves in Google or achieve the number of expected customers. What’s more, with a good Web design Not only can we get the clients we expect but also increase the number to figures that we did not have before.

What does a web designer do

He Web designer not only makes sure that our website is attractive to the eye and that it works. He is also in charge of creating content and designing our digital media. To get a quality website you need good management.

This means that a Web designer he does not design blindly. Before he has had to analyze the needs of our clients and also of our own company to configure a suitable site.

He Web designer You must know languages like HTML, update our website when necessary, and insert graphics.

If you want to know more about the functions of a web designer click here.

Can GMOL SOLUTIONS design my corporate website for me?

Yes. GMOL SOLUTIONS offers you, among other services, the possibility of a Web designer for your business. To serve as an example of what we can do, we can even think about the appearance of our main web.

Or in our section portfolio where we show work done previously and with a very good conversion rate.

If you want to achieve greater visibility for your business with a team of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing, we welcome you to GMOL Solutions. Trust professionals, trust us.

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