What is LinkedIn and what advantages can it bring to my business?

What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network not as social as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It is a social network designed for companies. Its main objective is to put in contact with different professionals from all sectors and expand their contacts. It is widely used to establish connections and achieve new commercial agreements.

Its structure is simple and intuitive. Anyone who enters the LinkedIn page for the first time will know how to use it.

The companies that enter this social network do so for the following reasons:

  1. Strengthen your brand image and show the history of your company.
  1. Perform content marketing on LinkedIn.
  1. Generate publicity for your establishment or online business.
  1. Achieve greater diffusion of your brand or increase the knowledge of others about it. “Let people know that they exist.”
  1. Obtain statistics of the performance of your activity and know the impact that this entails on the internal objectives of your company.
  1. Attract new clients and new talents for your business staff.

LinkedIn features

LinkedIn can help you if you are looking for a job or looking for employees. To stand out from the rest of the candidates you must have a good image and predisposition. Make it clear why they should choose you and not others. In the same way, if you are a company you must give the image of a solid company, where the worker can learn and progress. If not, how could you equip yourself with the best possible workforce?

LinkedIn offers you the following features:

  1. New job opportunities and new businesses.
  1. Contact leaders within your sector.
  1. Recommend and be recommended.
  1. Exchange opinions in forums and debates.
  1. Find employees, customers and new suppliers for your company.
  1. Promote the products or services of your company.
  1. See stats.
  1. Network and thus obtain more traffic to your website.
  1. Acquire new knowledge and share it, to give the feeling of an expert.

How Connections Work on LinkedIn

In order to contact the rest of LinkedIn users, both Internet users must agree to establish contact. The more connections you have, the more people will know your profile and the more likely you will be recommended.

LinkedIn groups allow you to open discussions where you can interact with other professionals in your field. If you have a blog on your website where you talk about Copywritting and you create a LinkedIn group that talks about the same topic, you can increase visits to your blog.

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How to use LinkedIn

Why you should use LinkedIn. 5 main reasons.

Every business should have a LinkedIn page. It is the social network of companies par excellence.

People expect you to have a LinkedIn Company Page. If your business does not have a LinkedIn account, it will give the feeling that it is a small business that does not have enough relevance to be on this social network. The rest of the users will not take you seriously and, therefore, will understand that it is an unprofessional company.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should use LinkedIn.

1-Be located

Be located through the search engine of the platform itself. If you have a company page, the rest of the users of this social network will find you more easily, what’s more, they will even find you faster through Google. LinkedIn is able to capture the keywords that you have in the description of your business page. Don’t let your business miss out on opportunities! If you establish a correct SEO strategy, you can also get your company to be among the first positions on both LinkedIn and Google.

2- Strengthen your brand through the profiles of your employees

If your employees create an account on LinkedIn and put on their profile that they work in it, you will increase your chances that your future clients or collaborators will find you.

LinkedIn users, little by little, will associate the logo with your corporate image and you will achieve relevance. Make an effort to “draw a smile” to your employees, that way they will also recommend you.

3- Attract your target audience

Every web visitor is a potential customer, so the image that is carried is important. Once your company’s website has been created, share relevant content for Internet users.

Content that has to do with your field and helps them in their day to day. Talk about your corporate values.

Highlight the work of your employees and thank them for what they do for your company, this will help in the process of humanizing your brand.

When a client sees that a company takes care of its workers, in an indirect way, they will feel that it also takes care of its clients.

Don’t limit yourself! They share content of all kinds; photos, videos, written content … You can even announce the addition of a new employee. Although at first you think not, users who follow your website are interested in everything you upload.

4- Get to reach more people and have an impact on their life

As we said before, if you have happy employees in your company, they themselves through their LinkedIn profiles will become the best advertising for your company.

They will be willing to share on their own post profiles on the website, and even give their opinion and recommend us to their friends.

Inform your employees well of the benefits that LinkedIn brings and they will become the best ambassadors of your brand.

5- Build new relationships with potential customers and suppliers

No matter what you intend to achieve on LinkedIn, getting new contacts is the key to the success of any strategy. To get new connections you must create a company page, it is not worth making a profile as a director of your business.

One of the most efficient ways to expand your LinkedIn connections is to leave comments on other companies’ pages and groups. It goes without saying that you must respond to all interactions made by users of your publications. If someone writes you a comment and you never reply, they will think that you don’t care about their opinion and you will lose a possible connection that could make things easier for you in the future. Treat other users as you would like to be treated.

If you have a company and you want to get a presence in the market, you need professionals who know tools as efficient as LinkedIn.

In GMOL Solutions We have an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics that will help you advertise on the best platforms with a personalized Marketing strategy. We will make your project a reality.

We will create professional connections that will grow your company and get potential clients. Do not miss the opportunity to achieve relevance in the social platform of companies par excellence.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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