What is linkbuilding

Definition of link building

Linkbuilding literally means link building. It is an SEO technique. It is responsible for the search and acquisition of external links related to our website. Linkbuilding refers to all the actions that are carried out to obtain these links.

The more quality content our website has and the more external links we get, the higher our positioning will be, and therefore the popularity among our potential clients. When we talk about having quality content on a website, we mean that the links used in linkbuilding are natural and link to reputable domains.

In other words, link building is a way to increase the performance of our web space through references to other pages.

This is what happens when you are reading a blog from linkbuilding and the editor writes that if you want to know more about link building click here. Or we recommend that you view the following blog called The key points of link building.

Link building elements

  1. Links. If we want a quality website we cannot share links left and right on any subject. Shared websites must be consistent, that is, their content must be relevant to the subject matter on our website. For example, if we are a car sales company, it would not be consistent to share a link about a recipe to make a cheesecake. Instead, it would be relevant to share a link that talks about the importance of changing tires for greater safety.
  2. Naturalness. When a link is shared it must be something natural, that it flows in the writing. Let’s see it with two examples:

It is not the same to read. PepeCar offers you the best mechanic service in the country. Why should I change my tires.

Than read this. PepeCar offers you the best mechanic service in the country. If you are interested in knowing more about the subject, the blog Why should I change my tires it will help you.

We must not lose sight of the objective that is none other than to solve the need for knowledge of our consumer, and encourage him to acquire our good or service.

Dos and don’ts in link building

What to do

  1. Have common sense to achieve consistency.
  2. Search for different sources and domains with authority and seniority.
  3. Share links with accessible format.
  4. Share links that take little time to load.

What NOT to do

  1. Using toxic links. That is, those bought, those of low quality, directories or from automated parts or those that come from link farms.
  2. Prioritize quantity over quality.
  3. Generate many links in a short time. Dramatically growing our company is not effective. A well-known effect can occur among celebrities who become celebrities From overnight. For example, they win a contest, become famous for the first year, and then go back to anonymity. If the growth of your company is done gradually, you will always tread on solid ground.

What is Linkbuilding for?

Building links within our website serves to improve our rating on Google. As we link our website with related pages, we increase our reputation and advance in the ranking. It is one of the ways to overcome Google’s quality control that measures the quality and relevance of our website. The more links our website has, the greater our degree of authority and presence.

How is link building done?

  1. Link web pages from our own website and social networks of the brand. For example, through blog articles like East.
  2. Another effective way is to build a backlink network is Guest posting . That is, guest posting. It is about appearing in news from sites specialized in the subject we are talking about.
  3. Link baiting ”. Use attractive pieces of content to attract users. This form of link building carries with it the risk of a large bounce or churn rate. If so, our website could be penalized.

Good practices in Linkbuilding

  1. Use natural and varied text.
  2. Link to secondary web pages, not the Home. When we link one topic to another, it is generally better to connect specific pages. The main page is usually something more general that serves as the main welcome site.
  3. Review external links. Google Search Console or Ahrefs are tools that serve to review these ” anchor texts ”.
  4. Link well-rated websites in the industry.

Linkbuilding benefits

  1. Better web positioning through keywords. Provide strength and visibility of your corporate image.
  2. Higher reputation. Give authority to your brand.
  3. Better ranking in Google search engines.
  4. More web traffic on the company page. By increasing our positioning, the number of clicks on our corporate page will be higher. Although this is not always translated into sales, the possibilities increase a lot.
  5. Build fruitful customer relationships. Help future collaborations with other websites. Just like we share external links, other websites may share our space as an external link.
  6. Increase in customers.

Do you need help to do Linkbuilding?


If you have a company that you want to position in the market, you need the help of a professional. Professionals focused on the technique of linkbuilding They have extensive knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing.

As we have seen throughout this article, the linkbuilding It is not Google the same topic that we want to talk about on our blog / corporate website. A market analysis of the highest rated web pages on Google and the competition is needed.

GMOL Solutions has an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing and SEO Analysis, so we master the technique linkbuilding to perfection. Not only can we help you, we will. Do not think about it anymore and contact us.

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