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What is Email Marketing

Email marketing, emailing or mailing is an excellent tool to communicate with our clients. Email marketing is very powerful and if it is used correctly it can give successful conversion results. We offer the user quality content and personalized value. Our primary objective in any email marketing campaign is to convert our leads into potential customers. How? Sending messages to groups of contacts, although not in an aggressive way. The client who receives our message has already given us his data, with which, he has a predisposition to receive the information that we are going to send him. It happens a lot when we buy tickets for shows or make reservations through the Internet. For example, him Madrid Spa Auditorium makes very good offers by email marketing to all those who are customers for the second time, only through email marketing.

Emailing defines the sending of emails to a database or contacts of our target; They can be potential clients or people who have already been clients and we offer them some kind of benefit. The objective of the mailing is to get new clients, create a relationship with those who have already been our clients, and gain their loyalty. If we achieve the loyalty of our customers, this will give us a reputation and it will be less and less necessary to invest in advertising because we will get many customers thanks to word of mouth.

What is email marketing for?

  1. Get opinions to improve our product.
  2. Obtaining new clients.
  3. Loyalty of old clients.
  4. Generate engagement.
  5. Develop new Content Marketing strategies.
  6. Measure results in real time and instantly. We must bear in mind that many of the results that we expect will not be obtained the first time, so we need patience and perseverance.
  7. Direct marketing at low cost.

If you want to know more about email Marketing we leave you here the blog Email Marketing functions.

Why use emailing in your marketing strategy

In addition to the reasons stated in the previous section, it should be noted that mailing is not a new strategy. Email has been around for a long time. It was not difficult to see that it was an efficient, fast and low cost way to get in touch with future clients. It is one of the first digital media to appear and yet it is still relevant. With it we can reach a wide variety of audiences. Today, everyone has email, even if it is to create an account on Facebook, the reality is that everyone has it. Not everyone uses it with the same frequency, that is why we need to precisely establish our target.

Email marketing is involved in every stage of our relationship with the customer: first impression, prospecting, conversion, loyalty and loyalty. The main objective of the mailing is to get new clients. But in addition to this, it can meet three fundamental objectives:

  1. Notoriety. Make ourselves known quickly among the social circles that interest us.
  2. Image. It gives us the opportunity to show ourselves how we want and position ourselves as experts in the market. We are what we project.
  3. Action. Through email marketing we can sell our products and services.
  4. Scalability We can reach a mass audience in a short time.

Benefits of using email marketing

  1. Emailing converts three times more than social networks when used correctly.
  2. Profitable channel, if we have established a clear, concise content strategy that adds value.
  3. Personalization. We speak directly to our audience.
  4. Accessible to everyone. This makes it the most conventional form of marketing. It keeps us in the minds of your consumers. Most customers who do not consume a product is because they forgot its existence. If we remind the client that we are there, it is very likely that they will choose us again or that they will choose us for the first time.
  5. Immediacy. Mailing is essential at special times such as Christmas or Father’s Day to let us know with special offers.

Mass mailing is not SPAM

When we use email marketing we can reach a mass audience easily and quickly, but this should not distract us from our main objective: to get customers. This will not happen if our audience feels groggy with information overload or junk content that doesn’t add anything to them.

For your mailing to be successful you must:

  1. Have your database updated.
  2. Have a list of contacts who have previously agreed to receive our content.
  3. Have a subscription plan to get people who want to receive our messages.

To know more about how to create a good database for your email marketing, click here.

Types of emails

  1. Occasional emails. Emails that are sent when the occasion requires it. These are usually newsletters that feature news about your company; new services, special promotions, summaries of the latest articles published on your blog, etc. They allow you to stay in the minds of your recipients and inspire them. Your email marketing campaign depends on your objective, you will define the number of emails to be sent and how often.
  2. Automated emails. They save you time and money. They are updated and personalized based on your clients. There are two types of automated emails; transactional emails, sent after a transaction. For example, after making a reservation on Booking. And, marketing automation emails – we sent an email in response to a customer who took a previous action. For example, we send you an email to thank you for subscribing to our YouTube channel.

If you have read this article and feel that an Email Marketing campaign can help you, you have to contact GMOL Solutions. We have an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics. We will advise you, personalize your campaign and, above all, we will give you the results you expect.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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