Logo is short for logo.

What is a logo

Today, the virtual world requires all companies to create a logo to differentiate themselves from the rest.

Logo is the diminutive of Logo . He Logo It is a graphic design representative of the corporate image of a brand. It can be made up of images, letters, shapes, etc. This is irrelevant, the important thing in a logo is what it says visually.

He logo of a brand becomes our letter of introduction as a company. Our first meeting with our potential clients is like a romantic date. Usually, a person dresses up, perfumes themselves and comes out with their best smile. That best smile is the one that our clients want to see and the one that will make them buy our good or service.

Why should I have a logo

Companies need a Logo to exist and have an identity in the market. He logo It will make our clients differentiate us from others, trust us and do a quick mental summary of who we are and what we offer.

When we have a company without logo, we are destined to remain anonymous and our progress will be cut short.

A logo acquaintance can lead our future consumer to have the fixed idea that at the time of purchasing our product their wishes will be satisfied. It occurs with logos vehicular. When you are looking at posts on Facebook and you see the Logo of a car brand, for example. You know it has a spectacular exhaust, an enviable body and a leather upholstery, all those images will come to your mind in a matter of a second. If you want to know more about why you should have a logo, we invite you to visit The importance of a good logo.

There are logos and LOGOS.

Is it difficult for my logo to work?

Building an identity is not easy. There are logos and LOGOS . The former abound, we see them constantly. Are those logos that has no greater claim, whose identity is nothing more than having a name.

The latter are brilliant, lucid, outstanding above others. They are the result of a deep and detailed analysis. Both saturate the world and coexist with each other.

The reality is that all logos They try to convince the customer of the purchase, although many do not succeed.

The answer to this question implies that it takes more than just a pretty design to stand out. The motto “good, nice and cheap” no longer works as before.

How do I get my logo to work?

If you want you Logo works and your clients think of you as the best option GMOL Solutions will help you meet all your expectations.

” To be different.

The first thing we will do for you is to show you the importance of being different. You have to find what you have and your neighbor who does the same thing that you don’t. If you are both bakers, maybe you sell whole wheat bread and your neighbor doesn’t. In this way you can attract another audience added to the one he already has. If I like regular bread and my husband likes whole wheat bread, he will most likely choose your bakery.

»Enter through the eyes.

Every Logo it is a world unto itself. Not everything depends on the corporate image since every company is at the expense of the reactions of its public. It is not the same to deal with thirteen-year-olds as it is with middle-aged men.

Many companies have come out of anonymity not because of what they produce, but because of what is seen of them. Printing is everything. The public is always more attracted by what they see than by what they consume. Do not spare efforts in achieving a logo to position yourself well in the market; your effort will pay off.

»Take care of the details.

At GMOL Solutions we know that every detail is important. That is why we take into account that each typeface and color can make a mark on your clients. It is important that when working with our design team you are clear about the message you want to communicate to your audience and what image you want to cause.

your Logo it must also be able to be displayed in black and white. If you comply with this sign, it means that you do not have a complex logo. The logos most successful are simple figures like an apple or letters with an original typeface.

6 ticks to get the perfect logo

There are no pre-established rules to create a good logo. Everything will depend on the creativity of our professionals and the guidelines that you tell us to follow. However, there are many designers who over time have given certain advice that defines a good logo . They are as follows:

»It should not be too complex

»It should be Easy to remember and understand

»Answer the questions: what? and who?.

This does not mean that if I have a pizza franchise my Logo It must be a pizza. However, we can ask ourselves why I need it, to whom is my message directed, and what do I intend to achieve. The knowledge of a good professional is very important to determine this, since they know the psychology of color and typography.

»Do not go out of style.

A Logo It must be permanent, it cannot be changed every year. If you change your Logo Thinking about innovation, you will ensure that your clients do not relate you to your previous image and you can lose them.

»Must be able to be displayed in black and white.

»It must be impressive and seductive. If you get a logo original you will be able to answer your clients the question of why you are better than the rest. You will get respect and trust.

»It should be simple.

Is branding the same as logo?

Not. He logotype or is part of branding. Branding is the Anglicism used to address the process of creating a brand. This process is carried out through the administration by all the assets linked to the brand.

How to make a successful logo?

If you want to get a good Logo GMOL Solutions It will show you the way and will make your corporate image have the power you want. Trust professionals, trust us.

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