What is a brand and what is it for?

What is a brand and what is it for?

The brand of a company is your personal identification. Its function is to differentiate our company and make our goods or services unique. Just by naming the brand everyone will know that it is about our products.

Once buyers have consumed products from our brand This is the one that will remain in your mind. The next time they need to satisfy that same need they will look to us and they will be our clients again. A good example is restoration. Suppose you go out with your friends on a Friday night. The week has been exhausting for everyone and you want to go out to have a good time together. You see a bar with an anonymous name that may be good, but if you go in you don’t know what the atmosphere will be like. Instead, there is another bar that belongs to a franchise whose brand is well known. You are aware that it has good food, music and atmosphere. The answer is clear in this case.

When we want to form our personal brand or personal branding We have to carry out self-management to create our own profile, in which we transmit the certainties and particularities of our company to our public.

Steps to create your personal brand

  1. Define objectives, values and expectations.

The objectives that you want to achieve as a company must be in accordance with the strategy that is generated. If I am a runner in a marathon and I want to reach the finish line before my competitor, what I must do is run, not walk or jog. The same happens with the marketing strategy if I want something I have to mark the route to get it.

  1. Define the name of our brand.

It must be easy to remember. On many occasions this is the most difficult point.

  1. Identify three companies that work towards similar objectives.

Copy what they do well and make a strategy that gives you an added and different attribute. Following them on social media will help you see their professional evolution and learn about their trajectory.

  1. Define what will be the keywords or keywords

Keywords are the basic concepts that will define our company. For example, GMOL Solutions defines itself as a brand whose basic pillars are professionalism, transparency and efficiency.

  1. Design.

A service that GMOL Solutions gives you to perfection. Design in creating a brand It is very important because it is what others see of you. The logo, your website, mobile application, images on social networks … If you get a good design and spread it correctly, a range of customers will open that you could not think of before. We will accompany you throughout the process.

  1. Definition of the target audience.

You have to know who you are talking to. It depends on the sector you want to address, we will adapt the ideal communication tone. In addition to the places where we will advertise the company.

  1. Develop an impact storytelling.

The story we tell our target audience is important. If your story manages to connect with the consumer’s emotion, it will produce a powerful effect on mirror neurons, which allow us to reflect our own actions in another, and vice versa. Emotion and commitment come into play in this process. A good start to make a storytelling with results is to define from where you will tell your story, why it is important for your clients and what problems will be solved.

Why should I have my personal brand?

We all differ from others in something, this personal difference is a very powerful tool in the field of marketing. Communicating what distinguishes us from others is what will make our company visible and thereby increase our sales. Either you distinguish yourself from your competition or you go extinct. Standing out is the key to being chosen.

Another benefit of generating your own brand it is the creation of trust and prestige in your potential clients. Being seen as an expert in your work is important, whether you are a freelancer or an employee of a company. This point can be difficult when you are not yet known. The important thing to earn your place is to show that you work with transparency and honesty. That benefit that only the positive reputation brings will be yours forever if you earn it.

your brand personal will bring you closer to your target audience and also help you gain a stronger foothold in the market. Those trademarks who have power in social networks manage to involve their audience and motivate them to purchase. In many cases, they use surveys, open questions, or even lead to debate. This generates an interaction with clients and future consumers for the creation of new strategies.

Building a brand It will allow you to achieve and maintain a loyal following.

If you want to know more about the importance of having a personal brand for your company, we recommend that you visit the website Guide to create your personal brand specialized in articles related to personal branding.

Is it very difficult for my brand to survive?

It depends on your dedication. The success of a brand it does not depend solely on chance. Excelling in such a competitive world is difficult but not impossible. It requires time, professionalism and marketing knowledge to achieve this goal.

Have a good marketing team working for your brand And offering a quality product is the key to starting the path of success.

The news trademarks Those who want to stand out today must know and understand that today’s consumers have changed. There is an increasing demand for transparency, due to the massive information we receive on the Internet. In addition, we start from the consumer’s experience, which in many cases is negative. Differentiating yourself and having a good reputation will help us that the consumer not pleased with another brand who is dedicated to the same sector choose us and stay with us.

If you want to build a successful personal brand with weight in the market, GMOL Solutions can help you. We have excellent professionals who are experts in Digital Marketing, Social Media and Web Positioning.

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