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What is a web developer

A web developer is a web professional specialized in programming. It is dedicated to the development of applications of the World Wide Web or other applications distributed in network executed through HTTP from a web server to a browser. It is responsible for the creation of websites using different programming languages. Has knowledge of HTML, CSS3 or JavaScript.

Knowledge of a web developer

As we said in the previous section, a web developer needs to master different web languages. The HTML language to define the structure of your web page and the CSS to style it. The more web languages our developer knows, the better for our company. You will know more strategies and techniques than others and we can differentiate ourselves from our competition. Its functions also include designing websites, apps or defining the graphical interface of a project.

What is the JavaScript language

JavaScript web developers create very specific content. Most JavaScript developers work on the front-end of the website. They build JavaScript code to make a responsive, interactive and attractive website. Like the CSS language, they are part of the HTML source code.

This language is becoming very popular among web developers.

What is the job of a web developer

  1. Create apps with two or three layers.
  2. Management of web languages (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) and server infrastructures (Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, .NET, .NET MVC, etc.)
  3. Graphic interface design.
  4. Web-page design.
  5. Fix errors or problems in the execution of applications or websites.
  6. Add new functions to the execution of websites and apps.
  7. Review code developed by other team members for errors
  8. Consult with Designers, Producers and the same client before moving forward with the project.
  9. Write the code in different programming languages, such as HTML, XML, PHP or JavaScript.
  10. Website customization. Select the best programming language for applications or websites.
  11. Constant improvements in the maintenance of your website. Perform tests to measure the quality of the site and detect any errors present.
  12. Renew as a professional. Learn new programming languages. Look for new advances in the field of programming.
  13. Keep the client informed of progress.

A web developer can work on their own or work within a team to divide the work. The web professional can work for all types of agencies. You can work in large or small companies, governments, self-employed or simply be part of a company’s staff.

If you want to know more about the work of a web developer and their job opportunities, we advise you to visit the blog Future of a web developer.

Types of web developers

There are three main types of web developers: front-end, back-end, and full-stack. Front-end developers take care of the code behind the scenes. That is, it controls how the web page is loaded and executed. Instead, the full-stacks take care of a little of everything. They are more complete.

If you are interested in training in a world of web development, we recommend the following pages where you will learn an introduction to development Web development course , Master in JavaScript.

Front-end Developer

A front-end developer is defined as a professional who, from the design of a website, writes the necessary code for it to be carried out. Like the architect who gives his sketches to the builder of a work. A good front-end web developer would be competent if he knows at least three programming languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML will help you add the content to the website and later divide it into headlines, paragraphs and tables.

CSS will allow you to style the content. And, JavaScript will help you add interactive elements as well as push buttons. In summary:

  1. They ensure that all web content is clear and everything is in place. On some occasions, this type of developer also knows how to create web content.
  2. They are aware of the aesthetic harmony of the website. Text colors, background colors, headings …
  3. They control the correct format of the outgoing links.

Of the three types of developers, the front-end developer is the easiest to understand.

Back-end Developer

Front-end web developers take responsibility for programming from the customer’s point of view. Well, back-end developers take care of the server side. What does this mean?

That the back-end developer creates the code and programs that power the website’s server, databases and any contained apps. Its most important function is to create a clean, efficient and fast code at the same time. We need our website to be fast in order to rank well in search engines.

Full-Stack Developer

Probably the most complete web developer. Use front-end and back-end developer strategies. Full-stack developer can create your website completely. They have a deep understanding of all the techniques and strategies of the previous two types of developers. They are capable of creating efficient and fast programs. Typically, this type of developer is hired to oversee large projects at major companies.

Why should I hire a web developer

  1. Originality for your brand.
  2. Speed of your website.
  3. Better SEO positioning.
  4. Increase in income.

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