Types of copywritting

Where can I apply the different types of copywritting

There are different types of copywritting and it depends on the reaction you want to cause in the reader, you will use one or the other.

The copy technique can be applied in all types of companies. It is widely used in consulting, coaching and advisory services, especially in the case of marketing agencies.

Whenever we have to choose the type of copywritting that we will use, we cannot forget the importance of Google in positioning, and why SEO should be applied in everything we write.

Types of copywritting

If you are looking for a professional copywritter there will only be two ways to find it: by agency or independently. When the two are put together, extraordinary results are achieved.

Differences between both:

  1. Agency Copywritter. In addition to writing texts, he will be in charge of creating the advertising idea. He is a creative who works with designers and publicists, this helps him to have a global idea of your company’s objectives.
  1. Freelance or freelance copywriter. He works exclusively to write an idea. They make texts for websites, landing page, post, email marketing campaigns. The agency copywritter also performs these actions.

Main difference? The agency copywritter knows more techniques related to selling, rather than just writing great. With the support of an agency, you will have greater security when entrusting your project.

The ideal to carry out a marketing strategy is to combine both types of copywriter. One that creates a creative idea that helps you meet your goals and another that develops it, carefully and taking care of every detail.

Types of copywritter within types of copywritting

Within that freelance copywritter and that agency copywritter there are other subtypes, important to take into account when choosing your perfect copy.

Keep in mind that we all know writing, but convincing is something else.

1.-Direct Response Copy

He is the copywritter par excellence. This type of copywritter is focused on the bottom line of the sales funnel. Seek to get sales or subscribers. Its objective is crystal clear: that the user clicks. This type of copywritting is important is landing page, ecommerce, subscriber acquisition page …

2.- Copywriting of personal brand

The copywritter who is in charge of improving your personal brand helps your potential clients feel identified with your brand and feel close to you. Create an appropriate tone to talk to them, full of color and stories. They use the storytelling technique. An example of this type of copywritting are the pages in which the history of the company is told, the famous “Our history” or “About us”.

3.- Email marketing copywriting

They generate the texts for the email marketing campaigns. It is a complement to direct response copy, it writes to that person who at the time subscribed to receive emails.

4.- Social media copywriter

Social networks are ideal places to develop as a copywritter, and there are some professionals who decide to specialize only in this type of copywriting. It is widely used by entrepreneurs with a low budget looking for quick visibility and a high percentage of interaction.

5.- Web copywriter

This type of copywritting encompasses the texts found within a website. The main page, services, … everything you want to communicate to your customers. Here it is essential to differentiate the copywritter from the content writer. The editor is in charge of the blog, whose purpose is to inform and position you. The copywritter in charge of the texts of the web tries to persuade the client to buy your product or service.

6.- SEO copywriter

Write to position your website among the first search engines.

Before, there was no such type of copywriter, since people wrote the same keywords over and over again so that Google understood that they had to index their page among the first positions. But Google is not stupid, and although the user does not stop to read all the pages of your website, Google does. That is why this type of copywritter is so necessary.

7.- Technical copywriting

This type of copywritter knows in depth the topics he writes about. Writing about legal law is not the same as writing about pathological diseases.

He has the technical vocabulary for his subject and knows how to connect with his audience.

8.- Generalist Copywriter

Unlike the technical or specialized copywriter, this type of copywritter can write in general on any subject. They do a bit of everything.

If you want to know more about the different types of copywriting that exist, we recommend you visit the following blog

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When is the time to choose types of copywritting

By now you are clear that your business needs copywriting, it is the only way that exists today to connect with your audience in an almost unconscious way. In addition, it is an art that not everyone knows how to achieve.

But what is the next step? Choose the time, which can be any of the following:

  1. If you want to sell a product to a specific customer, whom you know, understand and know what to expect.
  1. You want to increase your presence on the web and humanize your brand.
  1. You seek to retain your audience and get more involvement on their part.
  1. You need feedback from your consumers to generate changes in the presentation of your product or service.

GMOL Solutions will help you choose the perfect type of copywriting for your business

Our motto is “Take off your business”, and copywritting is present in all the actions that this phrase encompasses. We always need to generate written content, even audiovisual materials before being moving images were paper.

Needless to say, the team of professionals at GMOL Solutions knows how to use all types of copywritting. In our portfolio You can view some of our work.

Creating a marketing strategy takes a lot of time, dedication, and experience. If you want to get your business off the ground and make yourself known on the web through copywriting, we can help you. Contact us and we will make your wish a reality. Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions .

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