Twitter Advantages for your business.

What is Twitter

Twitter is a social network that allows you to broadcast short messages, with a maximum of 280 characters. These messages are called tweets and are displayed on the user’s home page.

When you create a profile and start following new people, from your home you can see the tweets of your new followed users.

Twitter is based in San Francisco, California, USA. It was created there, but currently has branches in San Antonio, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. Its creator was Jack Dorsey. In March 2006 he created Twitter and launched it right away, in July of that same year.

Twitter has already gained worldwide popularity; more than 300 million users use Twitter. Today, Twitter has a turnover of more than 25 billion dollars a year and its market value is over 10 billion dollars.

In short, it is a social network with an international trajectory that produces great monetary benefits. He contributes a lot both personally and professionally. Therefore, if you have already decided to be on Twitter, make the most of its functions and already know its advantages.

Advantages of Twitter

Like any social network, you will get advantages in your life through it depending on how you use it. Every celebrity worth his salt has Twitter and uses it regularly.

Next, we leave you a list of the advantages of Twitter:

  1. Free service.
  1. Clear, simple and direct messages. 280 character limit.
  1. You can share text, images and video. These should also be short.
  1. You don’t have to program manually, you have the option to automate your tweets through different platforms such as Hootsuite.
  1. It allows you to follow who you want, no matter how famous they are. You can continue without having to send a request.
  1. You can send private messages.
  1. You receive news instantly. It is a good tool to keep you updated.
  1. It is perfect for companies. You can make tweets about offers and promotions available directly to many users at the same time.
  1. The number of users grows exponentially every day.
  1. It is perfect for social communicators and advertising agencies.

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Advantages of Twitter for business

Using Twitter for personal use is not the same as using it to boost your business. When you use it in a personal way, what you want is to find out the latest news from the Brand or to know what happens in the lives of your favorite celebrities. Instead, if you create a Twitter account for your business, your goal will be for everyone to know what you offer and why they should choose you.

  1. You can easily offer your products, free of charge and reach many users. You will be gaining popularity in the network and strength in the market.
  1. The 280 character limit helps you avoid information overload. It is a way to filter the audience that is really interested.
  1. In addition to informing about your promotions, you can show images of your products so that your users can put an image on what you describe. The higher the quality, the better the result.
  1. Thanks to Twitter, companies can get in touch with other related companies and run joint advertising campaigns.
  1. Through private messages they can communicate more closely with their customers and suppliers.
  1. If you share quality information, it is possible that other users will retweet, and help you promote yourself as well.

Related applications and services

Twitter is responsive, that is, it can be viewed on all types of mobile devices. It is also an intuitive social network, this means that it is easy to use. In addition to using the web version, you can download the app if you want to use it.

There are many services and applications that work with this social network, all of them are enabled to be used on both iPhone and Android.

Since it was born and began to gain popularity, many apps have been created such as Tweetfeed, Postcron, Tweepi, even Instagram was inspired by this application. The emergence of these new applications has given rise to theories about the evolution and treatment of followers by various influencers.


When Twitter began to gain popularity, many celebrities realized that it was a good tool to interact with their followers and make important communications. From that moment on, they became known as “twistars”, since they are the stars of Twitter, those who generate more content and interactions.

This privileged position on Twitter allows them to capitalize on their tweets on websites such as Klout, which automatically calculates the impact of individuals on the web. How? Through algorithms based on Twitter followers and Facebook connections.

For what? To sell information from twistars to advertisers and firms looking to increase their influence online.

Most twistars capture the attention of Twitter users through current topics, unlike tweeters who tell their lives, minute by minute. If you pay attention, you will notice that most public figures related to the show announce situations from their personal lives on Twitter.

As you can see, there are already many people who use Twitter to boost their business, many do so through the sale of products, others by offering services or even their own image. Ultimately, what is revealed is that Twitter is a good option to promote yourself and make yourself known.

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