The perfect blog. Structure and tips.

Is there a perfect structure for a blog?

Take away the monotony of your blog and make it dynamic. Your entries should be similar, but not the same. The more varied topics you have, the more audience you will attract to your website. The perfect blog for your company is made through various themes and creativity.

Although it should follow the same theme, by creating a long topic line, you will keep your audience hooked on your blog and they will take you into account.

If you want to write a post for your blog, the first thing you should take into account what you intend to achieve in those lines, what is the reaction you hope to provoke in your readers.

There is no perfect structure for your blog, but there are some tips that you can implement to make it easier to read.

Structure of your perfect blog

  1. Eye-catching headline. It is and should be the hook that invites your readers to read your post to the end. Be clear and concise.
  1. Summary in the first line. You can say that the first line of an entry is the second hook. It should be the summary of what you will talk about from then on.
  1. Teaser. We create expectation in the reader so that they want to continue reading.
  1. Introduction. Here we expose why we created the post and what will be the benefits of reading it.
  1. Body. The development of the theme you have chosen.
  1. Conclusion and closing. Very important. The end of each post will be the last thing the user remembers of the topic you have chosen. Make sure you leave it with a good taste in your mouth.

Post types

There are infinite types of post, below we will leave you just some examples.

  1. Current. This is a post that deals with current affairs that have to do with your company. For example, if your company is a shoe store you could give a news about the new materials that have appeared in the last year for the new trend in shoes.
  1. Problem-solution. They are those entries that give you a solution to some everyday problem. For example, 14 tips for creating juicy cakes.
  1. Tutorials They are the ones that work best. They are those posts that talk about how to use a platform, or take some action. For example, how to cook cheesecake or basic WordPress tutorial. It can be in audio, video or screencast.
  1. Links. List of useful links, where you can find many posts on a topic of interest to your audience. For example Inbound Marketing Selection .
  1. Question answer. A number of questions, usually taken from frequently asked questions by former clients, are answered in the post. Within this type of post are the FAQs that are the latter or the SAQ, which are questions you should have.
  1. Visuals Blog based on infographics, images, vignettes. We forgot a bit about the text, to give prominence to the image. Remember the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
  1. Compilation of quotes. List of inspirational quotes that give the reader pause. As an example we leave you the following post. 21 great phrases about Content Marketing .
  1. Expert opinions. Blog entry based on the opinion of an expert on the topic you want to discuss. The post will gain weight and the client will feel in the best hands.

How to write a perfect post

As we have said before, the perfect blog does not exist. But there may be the perfect blog for your audience. Getting this type of post is not easy, it requires organization. Here are some tips:

  1. Read your competition. If something works for your competition, copy it! But give it your personal touch. If you copy everything, your audience will see you nothing different about it.
  1. Customize your message. Don’t write for yourself, write for someone. Put yourself in the situation, think about how your blog got here and what you expect to read. Give him what he expects.
  1. Generate your own style guide. You do not have to have it written, but it would be good if you followed a pattern in your corporate identity. In this way, even if you change the subject, whenever someone reads your blog they will know that it is from your company by the tone with which it is expressed.
  1. Structure your post well so that it is easy for your readers to read.
  1. Use images. Use images that have to do with what is written. Although it may not seem like it, inserting illustrations with text makes reading much easier.
  1. Take your fears out. Do not try to like everyone, stick with the good and use negative opinions to improve.
  1. Interspersed italics, bold and underlined. If you emphasize the most important words, the reading will flow better.
  1. Check your blog before publishing it and edit what you need. Everything can’t be right the first time, look at your text and make sure that you have gotten into the reader’s shoes. Only then will your blog be perfect.
  1. Use simple and clear language.
  1. Remember that making a post is starting a conversation. The important thing is that it sounds natural, like any conversation. Read it out loud if you need to.

GMOL Solutions will create the perfect blog for your company

The most important thing for your blog is that it looks good, the topics have been carefully chosen and is in the same language as those you want to read it. GMOL Solutions’ team of professionals is qualified to help you create your perfect blog.

Creating a good blog takes time, dedication, and experience. These attributes are what we can provide you.

If you want to get your business off the ground and make yourself known on the web through a quality blog, you’ve come to the right place.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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