The best free WordPress templates

Today we want to show you which are the best free WordPress templates. There are many free templates available on the market. It is true that we can not show you all but we can highlight some that are considered the best in WordPress.

Are free WordPress templates a good option?

The correct choice of a good WordPress hosting is as important as the choice of a template. We find very varied themes but, if we choose correctly we will achieve a professional design, in addition, we must take into account the needs of our company or project, since the format will not be the same (blog, portfolio, ecommerce, brand image, business …).

At this point a question arises, When should I use a Premium template and when should I use a free template?

There is a tendency to believe that behind the “Premium” concept there are better results, and it is not a lie, however, it is not always necessary to resort to these paid templates. You will be surprised to know that some free templates offer amazing results.

  1. Payment templates
    1. You have financial resources.
    2. You need to improve the functionalities of your blog as well as its design.
    3. You are looking for a guaranteed professional design.
    4. If your goal is to set up an online store.
  1. Free templates
    1. You just started a personal blog.
    2. You are looking for a simple design with basic functionalities.
    3. If you don’t have financial resources, this is your best option.

We already know when to use a paid template or a free one. If you choose to use a payment template for your website here you can find a very complete repertoire. If, on the other hand, a free template better suits your needs, keep reading! Here are the best free WordPress templates; Some are very interesting!

Free WordPress templates, the best!


It is a template fully compatible with WooCommerce, perfect if your project or your goal is to create an online store. In addition, it is multifunctional, flexible and responsive, something that as we have already seen in previous posts (not only on the web, but also in AdWords) is vital.

The best of all? Professional results with a simple and clean finish … and that’s free …

las mejores plantillas de wordpress gratis - vantage


If you are looking to attract attention at a single glance, we present to you Harmonic. Large and personalized headers, it will be impossible not to stop to appreciate them.

It offers a large multitude of configurable options: social media buttons, menus, fonts, colors, headers, backgrounds, etc. It is a template created for those who want to show high quality images, for example for traveling bloggers.

plantilla de wordpress - harmonic



It is one of the most popular WordPress templates, it offers a simple, clean design with a very beautiful aesthetic, it is ideal for blog or magazine formats. The objective of this template is to highlight the visual, that the images predominate over the content. Much admired for its simplicity and elegance.

plantilla de wordpress - vertex


Elegant, simple, professional, responsive … if it is one of the characteristics you are looking for in a template, this is yours. Parabola allows you to edit everything you can imagine: texts, colors, type of font, widths, site design …

Its great advantage? The functionalities it offers are not short.

plantilla de wordpress - parabola


Despite being a very intuitive, simple template and with a very light appearance, it allows you to create amazing pages with a very professional design. Also, thanks to the demos available, it helps you save time and work in different formats: blog, corporate web pages, landing page, etc.

plantilla de wordpress - oceanwp


These are the best free WordPress templates that we advise you to try. Remember, although it may seem like choosing a template is easy, don’t be fooled. It requires your time, analyze which template is best suited to your project, as it will accompany you for a long time.

Yes need help With your website at GMOL Solutions we will be happy to advise you and work with you, we will achieve your goals!

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