Strategies to succeed on Instagram

How to succeed on Instagram

Do you have a new business and want to succeed on Instagram?

In this article you will learn the best tips to get the most out of the fashionable social network.

But before we get into how, let’s understand why you should have a presence on Instagram and why everyone uses it.

Succeed on Instagram: Why Instagram is the fashionable social network

The audience is used to consuming content all the time, which is why today they choose to view more audiovisual content than written.

Instagram alternates visual content with texts, making user interaction more enjoyable, and can be consumed anywhere.

Success on Instagram allows you to offer your customers entertainment content, and value for their day-to-day life, while selling your product.

You don’t need to be a photographer to succeed on the fashion social network, but to be clear about who your audience is and to be creative.

Why you should have a presence on Instagram

  1. Instagram is the most engagement social network of the moment
  1. Its growth is greater than that of other social networks
  1. Helps sell and retain
  1. If you use it well, you’ll impact your audience

Success on Instagram: Social network of brands and influencers

Today, Instagram is the most widely used social network for promoting big brands and bloggers, now better known as influencers.

Influencer marketing is widely used to humanize your brand and reach your users more closely. It seems that the word Instagram and innovation were hand in hand. Without a doubt, so-called influencers are the best showcase in terms of trends.

GMOL Solutions connects you to the influencer that reseals more to your profile to make sure you create new trends in clothing, decoration, restaurants, dealerships, etc… Any product or service can be sold through Instagram and through Influencers Marketing.

So much so that 70% of the main brands located in Spain use influencer marketing, within their marketing strategy. They reach higher audiences, maximize their revenue, and achieve greater engagemnt.

A great example of a Spanish influencer with a high level of engagement is Violeta Mangriñán, who collaborates with various high-end firms and raises the sales of anyone who tests their products in it.

Success on Instagram: Tricks to Improve Your Online Presence

1. Optimize your profile

Taking care of your profile is the first step to success on Instagram. On many occasions, our Instagram profile is the first thing you’ll see of us. For this reason it is important to take care of every detail. Upload a quality photo, insert a URL into your website and use keywords in your description to position yourself within the fashionable social network. “First impression counts”.

2. Create a content plan

Everything that is not planned is forgotten. Create a weekly or even monthly calendar detailing what you’ll share and how that post can help in your followers’ day-to-day life. It is important for two things: the first; they will see you as an expert and trust you, and the second; you will create an emotional connection with the one who sees your content and inadvertently, you will retain it.

An example of value content is XX fashion advisor. Share content on how to combine clothes for certain moments in our lives.

Remember to be consistent in your publications and follow a harmony between them. If you don’t share value content, your followers will leave as they came.

3. Use upgs

The upgs are the SEO of social networks. Use them with your head and you’ll see how your engegement increases. If you want to succeed on Instagram use as many ups as you can, alternating up trend, with even more accurate ups.

If you have your own company, create your own ups with the company name. In the long run they will help your users find you inside the platform and also off it.

If you want to know more about using hastags on Instagram we recommend visiting the article using hashtags on Social Networks.

4. Be creative and original

Content shares everyone, but if you really want to succeed on Instagram you should be as creative as you can and give your followers content they can’t find in the competition.

Instagram gives you a multitude of possibilities to be dynamic: stickers, music, reels… dare to try new things.

In this case the Demmi brand, shows its products by hand, so that the customer gets in a situation and think about what times of the day can consume their sweets.

5. If you give, you receive

Interact with your users. If you like and comment, you will receive feedback back. Be grateful to who comments on your posts.

6. Create sweepstakes

Creating sweepstakes away from losing you helps you win. It’s a great way to get new followers, quickly and safely. Also, if you keep up with what you promise, you’ll give the feeling to those who follow you that they can trust you, no long as it doesn’t touch them at all.

As you see in this post, there are many influencers who make sweepstakes to increase the engagement of contracting companies. It’s a dual marketing strategy.

7. Located

You still don’t put your location? Do it now! It’s another way for them to find you.

8. Share quality photos

To succeed on Instagram, sharing quality photos is critical. Don’t abuse saturated filters, upload blurred photos, sell quality, and you’ll get quality customers.

9. Don’t sell, humanize

Humanizing your brand means showing the user how they can implement day by day what you sell, making it an indirect sale. Good techniques for this are to show when you could wear that outrageous evening dress, share how to improve your Instagram feed or just thank them for being there.

10. Analyze metrics

Each product is a world, which is why you need to be very attentive to metrics to determine the best time to publish your content.

11. Social media reputation crisis

To succeed on Instagram you must have an action protocol in case of negative comments. Knowing how to respond to certain malicious comments will help you humanize as a brand, and show that you’re there to resolve your customers’ questions and complaints. If you erase them, you’ll give a lousy image.

GMOL Solutions will help you succeed on Instagram

The success of a brand it does not depend solely on chance. Exceling in such a competitive world is difficult, but not impossible. It requires time, professionalism and marketing knowledge.

Having a good marketing team working for your brand and offering a quality product is the key to starting the path to success.

The news trademarks Those who want to stand out today must know and understand that today’s consumers have changed. There is an increasing demand for transparency, due to the massive information we receive on the Internet. In addition, we start from the consumer’s experience, which in many cases is negative. Differentiating and having a good reputation will help us to make the consumer not pleased with another brand that is dedicated to the same sector, chooses us and stays with us.

If you want to build a successful personal brand on Instagram, GMOL Solutions can help. We have excellent professionals who are experts in Digital Marketing, Social Media and Web Positioning.

Trust professional, trust GMOL Solutions.

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