What is storytelling and related examples

Storytelling is the art of telling stories to communicate.

Think about it for a moment. What are movies, books, or many expressions of art? Stories that
they need to be told or, failing that, heard. The meaning of storytelling is nothing other than
enthrall with a story to hook our consumer.

Advertising has long relied on stories to connect with audiences.

Storytelling is created based on a model as old as marketing: Identifying our audience and
tell you a story “once upon a time there was a marketing agency that designed the most beautiful and optimal strategies and websites in the kingdom …”

In a world where the volume of information is overwhelming, stories are able to stand out by
on top of the rest of messages and always generate an interaction.

This old technique is supported by new media such as social networks.

These allow two-way communication. Even if it is your company that tells the story,
Future consumers can participate and tell about their own experience with our brand. This will improve your
commitment and attract more customers.

According to Giles Lury, President of The Value Engineers, a leading company in the British market, this
marketing trend is due to the deep need that human beings have to find
entertainment. Stories enlighten us, allow us to easily remember and, above all, allow
create an emotional bond between any company and its customers.

Are there benefits to storytelling?

It seems that everyone who hears that of “Once upon a time …”, focuses their attention and is capable of
forget everything around you. This is the magic of storytelling.

An example of this is the typical case of a brand that wants to be known. When a businessman looks
In his social networks that there is a new pizza brand, at first he will take it as something cold and distant.
“One more franchise”, he will think. And will continue to see posts.

However, one of the positive things about brands is that they have a track record, moments
key and values. Why not use those values to reach our future clients?

With storytelling you can reach people in a closer way and make them feel that it is not a
brand more, but, for example, a brand that cares about the environment, health, the health of
its workers and why not solidarity.

This story so well told will not work if it is only heard once, the image of the company must be
something constant and continued over time.

Steps to follow to create your story

Storytelling is the way we show our brand to the world, our branding, how our brand is
communication, our way of working, our company values; our storytelling is who
we are.

To define the history that will define you in the market, you must be clear about your commercial objective and
define the audience, who are those who will eat your pizza, your exclusive product.

And that’s what we are for; to help you achieve the best corporate image of your company and
show that you are the best at your job.

For this it is important to define, again your audience, if we want the pizza to be oriented to the
university students who go out on a Friday from class or the large family who goes on a long weekend. U.S
we will get to them.

We will know what your interests are, your motivations, the best way to reach your emotions so that
So they choose you as the best and the one that fulfills their need, whether momentary or lasting.

Can storytelling beat the competition?

We will use another example; we are a beauty brand and we sell face creams. Our narrative line
It could be focused, as we said before, on the defense of the environment or as a leading company that conducts its own research and has developed unique compounds on the market.

The great problem of any market is that you are not alone in it and your competition also tries
Get attention. But who will win?

The narrative line that we will choose to follow will be our referential value with respect to the competition, what you
Target audience will appreciate your company, what makes it different and what will make them choose you and not someone else

We will also take care of the creative concept, that is, to define for how long that
image, and when is the time to improve it or add small nuances to get new

The intention we pursue when using the storytelling technique is to generate a relationship beyond the
mere transmission of the message to our audience. This is the way in which it is managed to reach the mind of the consumer.

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Types of storytelling

There are different types of storytelling based mainly on the story you want to tell.

For example, we can tell a story in which the events that are related are not real, but rather
We rely on invented characters or facts to convey our message.

On the other hand, the story of a brand can be told. This is the case of the classic brand with years of
experience and great reputation. For this type of brand it is usually the best option, since when reviewing its
history can arouse feelings of nostalgia in your consumers.

Another type of storytelling is the recreation of real consumer situations. The absolute reality is reflected
on the situations of consumption of the product in which the message is based. Its purpose is that the
The audience feels identified with what the protagonists of the story experience while consuming the
product or service in question.

And, finally and already exposed before, we can base our storytelling on the values of our brand. The
The key of this type is to make the protagonists embody those values. The objective will be for the audience to relate the brand to the personality of the protagonists.

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