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Social Media Marketing is Marketing applied to the management of social networks.

Did you know that for many companies a good profile on social networks is their only source of income? Now this tool is available to freelancers and SMEs at very affordable prices and with the best results in the world of Marketing. Contact us without obligation and we will advise you.

Social Media Marketing or Marketing in social networks is the perfect opportunity to create and strengthen the emotional bond between customers and the sales of our business.

Currently most of your potential customers use social networks. This makes the Social Media empire the best showcase for your business. It is a new and different way of making yourself known and interacting with your audience to improve the image of your brand and get more and better customers.

If you still haven’t understood, it’s time you did. IF YOU ARE NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA, YOU DO NOT EXIST.

86% of Spaniards admit to being hooked on social networks. 19.2 million use it daily. Are only teenagers hooked on social media? Not. This survey was carried out on Spanish citizens between the ages of 16 and 65. Do you still think that your business can survive without a good social media campaign?

At GMOL Solutions we are leaders in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics. We provide you with a 100% personalized service to attract customers to your business.

How does GMOL Solutions manage your social networks?

  1. Analysis. We analyze the behavior of your competition and your potential customers. We create a detailed report of this analysis.
  2. Tailor-made strategy. We plan a personalized strategy for your company according to the previous analysis. We schedule publications that help you interact with your client and create online communities.
  3. Custom posts. The publications in the different social networks always go according to the image of your brand. If you already have it, we will be faithful to your corporate colors and brand values. In the event that you have not created it yet, we will help you.
  4. Campaigns and giveaways. Temporary advertising campaigns will help you reach the audience you want faster.
  5. Measurement. We carry out bimonthly reports to assess the progress of each campaign carried out.

Which social networks to manage and which ones not?

There are many existing social networks, each of them focuses on a different audience and is different. It is not necessary that your company is in all social networks, but in those that will bring you closer to your potential client.

The management of each social network is different. There are some social networks in which it is worth creating long content in which the user is hooked and, on the other hand, there are others that have a maximum number of characters to avoid fatigue of your client when reading it.

Remember that GMOL Solutions offers you a personalized service. With which we manage your social networks differently if we are in Instagram , Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn , or Pinterest . The important thing is that you are clear about who your target audience is. The more you interact with your audience the better! But remember, always in the right way. We will help you.

To learn more about the management of social networks, we recommend the following blogs:

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What type of publications are managed on social networks?

Keep in mind that your competition does or does have a presence on social networks. This is why your brand content has to be ORIGINAL, and offer the same product in a more creative way than they do. This way your clients will have eyes just for you!

If you wonder what GMOL Solutions will publish on your social networks, the answer is easy: gifs, events, videos, infographics, static images, blogs … The quality of the content matters much more than the quantity. If you want to succeed in managing your social networks, this is the first thing you have to take into account.

Your content should not only like it, but it should also engage your audience. This will make you see if what you are doing is working. If users like you, comment on you, respond to your surveys, sweepstakes, promotions … this means that they feel part of your company and it will be easier to retain them.

Write to us to ask us what you want to achieve and we will help you. Click here and we will communicate in less than 24 hours.

In addition to managing my networks, do I need a website?

Yes. Social media management is essential for the growth of your company, but if you combine it with a good website you will be invincible. If you look at your competition, you will see that many of them have a neat and clean social media marketing campaign. Within this campaign, surely many of their publications refer you to their website. Why? Because your company’s website is your best card to win the game.

If you can get your potential customer’s attention enough to reach your website, you have a lot of ground gained. It means that your client wants to know more about you, what you offer, he wants to know if you can satisfy his need and if you do he will choose you.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing. Types of web pages

A corporate website can have many structures. The structure of your company will depend on what you want to achieve. Examples:

  1. Landing page. They are simple web pages in which the objective is to get your client to leave their data. These types of pages are very useful when you need to create a database to call by phone, create email marketing campaigns or simply want to keep track of your customers. In this link You can see an example and a more extensive explanation of this type of page.
  2. Online store or Ecommerce. It is a web page in which your objective is for your client to buy something, be it a product or a service. They are ideal when you want to create an online business or complement it with your physical business, since it will make it easier for the customer to buy and for the entrepreneur to collect. If you are interested in this type of website, contact us through this link.
  3. Websites to present your company. But imagine now that your desire is simply to show what you have in your business for people to come personally. This is the case in many restaurants that do not have takeout. Its purpose is that people are attracted to the design of your page and reserve a table. The same is true in the hotel sector. If this is your case you will find more information at this link.

Don’t think twice and experience the pleasure of working with professionals. Contact GMOL Solutions and we will advise you so that your campaign and n social networks be a success.

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