Social media crisis: How to deal with them

Tackling social media crises

In this article you will find out what to do in the face of a possible crisis on social networks.

The digital age does not stop and more and more companies are choosing to be present on social networks. However, this digital conversion has its risks.

Have you ever had a social media crisis and didn’t know what to do?

The most common case is when you post a post on Instagram and receive a negative comment towards your post.

Many companies choose to delete the negative comment and act as if it never existed. This is the last thing you have to do.

Consumers value companies that are transparent and ingenuity. You should use that negative comment and reverse the negative situation in your favor. This is a correct crisis management on social networks.

But what exactly is a social media crisis? Are we just talking about negative comments, or is there so much more?

In short, it’s an attack on your business in the eyes of your audience. Such an attack may be due to various reasons: discomfort with your products, misunderstood communication, unfair competition, misunderstandings, etc.

When such attacks exist, your brand’s reputation is at stake and you must be prepared to face it, because if you don’t you can lose engagement.

Social media crisis. Consequences of not acting on time

If you let time go or delete the comments you will only be able to create a negative image of your brand and aggravate problems.

There are different steps you can take to manage crises on social media and emerge victorious from your attackers.

Let’s take an example. The case of the Hershey’s brand. The brand ran an influencer campaign showing its chocolates for low-income people. The influencers chosen were all white-skinned, while their clients were brown-skinned. Many interpreted this campaign as a classist and racist message under the hashtag #hacerelbiensabebien.

After several destructive messages to the company, Hershey’s decided to viralize a statement apologising and withdrawing the campaign.

His quick performance was very important.

In these cases, the company’s response time is vital to avoid greater consequences. Before it happens, you should have your manual and protocol prepared in the face of social media crises.

Steps to follow crises in networks

  1. Identify the magnitude of the problem and the type of crisis
  1. Go to global company policies already in place for these cases
  1. Do not delete messages. Instead answer them under advice.
  1. Offer apologies as soon as possible.

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Social media crisis. Protocol of action

It is very difficult to establish a perfect plan for each crisis. We leave you the main steps to follow in any crisis that you want to solve quickly and on good terms.

Social media crisis. Advance

One of the main keys. It can be carried out by establishing a crisis management manual in advance. Or, on the other hand, periodically reviewing the feedback of our audience and improving details that are emerging.

The ability to react is crucial to crisis situations. If you manage to anticipate, you’ll be more likely not to significantly affect your business.

Appoint a specialized team

In every company there is a person in charge of managing social networks, either full-time or through freelance. Regardless of this situation, you must be clear who will be in charge of appeasing these situations. He must be a qualified person. Having a social media crisis management manager will help you be prepared.

Social media crisis. Give the attackers a good deal

Although it seems that the easiest and fastest thing is to delete negative comments, this is not a solution. To solve a problem, you have to face it. If you respond with education and kindness to the attackers, you will show that you are not afraid of complaints.


If responding to feedback quickly is important for getting sales, imagine yourself in times of crisis. Keep in mind that when someone criticizes your business, they’ll be expecting a reaction from you. If you don’t give it to her, you’ll get the feeling that you have something to hide.

Know what the problem is

Why is your hearing complaining? Listen carefully to what your potential customers say. That will help you improve aspects of your brand that others don’t like.

GMOL Solutions will help you in your social media crisis

GMOL Solutions understands how delicate it is to achieve smooth and positive digital communication. That’s why we put at your disposal all possible strategies to achieve it.

The GMOL Solutions team of professionals can help you with your social media management. And not only that, but it will also help you create all the strategies that are necessary to carry it out.

If you want to meet the objectives of your company in an efficient, safe and with excellent results, contact us. We create your crisis management manual, informing you of the whole procedure and taking care of the image to the millimeter your brand.

Think no more! And trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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