Should you do SEO on a Landing Page?

When someone talks to us about a “landing page”, landing page or landing page, online advertising immediately comes to mind. At that very moment something as important as SEO is left a little aside since you are already paying to be in the first positions of the search engines, right? Well, we regret to tell you that this approach is a considerable loss of traffic and conversions. In this article we explain why you should do SEO on a landing page.

Why do SEO on a landing page?

A landing page is a landing page where you hope to convert your visitor into a customer of your company. It is a very conversion-oriented website, with a very clear sales objective. This is why it is extremely important to optimize the website for the keywords you are paying for in your online advertising campaign. If a user reaches your landing page and is not directly related to what they have searched for, they will surely leave immediately. You only have 2 seconds to capture your user’s attention!

Doing SEO on your landing page allows you, among many other things, to optimize the page to ensure that users who come to it will find what they are looking for. For example, you can use specific geographic keywords. This is very important if your company sells products in a very large geographical area. In this case, it is very useful to design your SEO campaign to use keywords that specifically involve the markets you are targeting. For example, you could choose the destination countries of your products as keywords and create product pages for each of them. In this way, when users from these countries are searching on Google, they will probably be directed to a page on your site designed and directly designed for them.

Increase the relevance of your landing page

You may have heard that the relevance of a web page is essential to position it in the first positions on the internet. It may be obvious but don’t forget that more relevance to your landing page means higher conversion rates and a higher return on SEO investment. At the end of it all, your intention will probably not only be to get out first on Google but to increase your sales.

Common to landing pages highly designed with SEO in mind is unique content, extremely high relevance to the target keyword, a very strong sales message with a call to action, and a very specific conversion goal. Keyword research will reveal how much opportunity there is for you with SEO landing pages. Many clients are surprised at how great the opportunity is. Contact us now to discuss how this approach could help you.

How to do SEO on your landing page?

Here are some of the things you should do on your landing page from an SEO point of view.

1.- Align the keywords with the user’s interest

This will allow the user to find what they are looking for quickly as soon as they enter your landing page. You should add the keyword in the page headers (H1, H2,…), and format the text to highlight the most important text, graphic headers and images in bold.

2.- Orient the landing to a specific topic and update the content

It is important that the text that appears on your landing page focuses on a specific topic. This does not mean that you have to optimize it for a single keyword. You should also use: synonyms and related terms that have the same semantic meaning. You may not know it but Google rewards updated content on a landing page. We recommend that you update the texts and change the design of the graphics from time to time.

3- Link Building

Work the link building about your landing page. Building links, internal and external, to your website is a fundamental SEO strategy.

  • Create internal links. We recommend that you create internal links from other pages on your website to your landing page. Including a few links is quick and very SEO-friendly.
  • Create external links. From an SEO point of view, getting other websites outside yours to link to your content is very beneficial. It is a sign that your site is relevant. Find out which external pages have included links to your website and tell them about the new services you are promoting.
  • Publish your services on social networks. You can make a post about your landing page including a link to it and comment on the services you offer.

4. Share it on Social Networks

Include links on your landing page so that users can easily share it with other people. This will multiply your visibility on the internet by increasing the number of visitors to your site and will increase your chances of sales. In addition, the fact of increasing the number of visits to your website will result in better positioning in internet search engines.

5. Analyze the quality of the traffic you receive

You may have optimized your landing page for a set of keywords and a lot of hits come from keywords that you hadn’t even thought about. In this case, you should completely rethink your SEO optimization and modify the landing page to adapt it to the new strategy. It can also happen that there are certain keywords with a similar number of visits. In that case, it may be a good idea to create a landing page oriented to each of them specifically. This will increase the conversion rate and you will get a better return on your SEO investment.

As you will see, there are many things you should work on from an SEO point of view on your landing page. Some things are simple and you can do them yourself. In other cases you may need both technical and strategic help to promote your products. At GMOL Solutions we are experts in SEO positioning and online marketing.

We will be delighted to help you. Tell us about your project!

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