Pinterest – What is it and what is it for

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to create and manage, through personal boards with a specific theme, collections of images, interests, hobbies and much more.

Users of this social network can search for pins and click again on images they have already seen to save them in their own collections.

The goal of Pinterest is to connect all users of the world, through their interests. In other words, if I like spas, connect with all the users in the world who like spas too. In this way, discussion is encouraged and active communities are created.

Pinterest is so called because it derives from the English words “pin”, which means lace and the word “interest”, which means to be interested. Pinterest is the virtual cork that every teenager has in their room.

Pinterest history

The Pinterest platform was founded by three people; Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp.

Cold Brew Labs runs the website and the investment was made by a small group of investors and entrepreneurs.

It was created in December 2009 and launched in March of the following year, where you could only access through an invitation. Silbermann wrote personally to the first 5000 users.

Nine months later, Pinterest already had 10,000 users.

The launch of the iPhone application in early March 2011 brought a higher number of downloads than expected.

In August 2012, Pinterest was open to all users, whether invited or not. On that date, anyone who wanted to create an account could already register.

On October 12, 2012, the platform announced a new feature. This new functionality allows users to report negative activity from their users and block them. Pinterest prioritizes a “positive and respectful” community, penalizing those who promote offensive actions.

What is an infographic

Pinterest infographics are all the rage on the web. Today is the best way to express an idea in image format, as well as the most complete.

Pinterest was the first platform to empower infographics. That is why it is so successful. Images predominate, but not just any. Only the images that provide valuable content and take care of aesthetics.

An infographic is not an image, but it would not make sense to use a different word. An infographic is a story told through images, told step by step, with a good organization.

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How is the Pinterest user

Ben Silbermann, one of the founders of Pinterest, provided the following data:

  1. 300 million active users per month use Pinterest.
  1. 2/3 are women. In U.S.A. 80%, between 18 and 64 years old, have children.
  1. The average age of users is between 18 and 45 years old.
  1. Most of its users are high class. According to internal studies by Pinterest itself, in the US most registered Internet users earn more than $ 75,000 USD per year.
  1. 98% have tried a new product, derived from an infographic they saw while browsing the Pinterest website.
  1. 84% of Internet users enter their website to decide what to buy.
  1. 77% of users find new brands.

How to set up a business account

If you want to use Pinterest as an advertising tool, you should create a Pinterest business account instead of a personal account.

This type of business account offers specific tools for your business. An example is Pinterest Analytics, which gives the ability to use ads.

If you already have a personal account, you can convert it to a business account. All you have to do is add additional information about your business.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, don’t worry! GMOL Solutions tells you how to do it.

  1. Register as a user, fill in all the information regarding your business and accept the terms and conditions. Make sure to check everything.
  1. Complete your profile and carefully choose the photos you are going to share. Consider quality and aesthetics.
  1. Confirm your website and add your logo. Copy and paste your text into the HTML of the home page.
  1. Create dashboards. Once your account is created, you can start sharing! Organize your content so that other users have a reason to follow you. Be original and use striking but simple language. Explain what you are exposing and use a maximum of 20 characters. Link it in the appropriate category.
  1. Start pinning. Install the Pinterest search button. This button allows you to pin any image with just a couple of clicks. Save your favorite images.
  1. Add or edit a description. When you already have several pins on your board, you can choose the one that is the most attractive to you.

GMOL Solutions will help you create advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a very important tool for creating your corporate identity. By uploading infographics about your products, users will get an idea of the values of your company. Take good care of your company’s image on Pinterest. Take care of the quality of the images, since it is the only thing that your Internet users will see.

At GMOL Solutions we have the best Branding creators that you are going to meet. We take care of the contents, we give coherence to the information and we plan in advance to avoid unforeseen events.

We will teach you to enhance your brand, and in case you do not have it, we will help you create it for you. You will learn to control your digital strategy and measure the results to make improvements in the future.

When your account is created, we will make sure that your Pinterest users see you as their first choice to satisfy their need.

We will analyze everything previously published and disseminate what is new. With our new strategy you will help strengthen your reputation.

In GMOL Solutions We have strived from day one to show our professionalism through the image. Experience the pleasure of working with a leading company in the sector.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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