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What is a mobile application

A mobile application or app is a computer application designed for tablets, smartphones or other devices. It gives the user the possibility to carry out a specific task, be it making a purchase, reading books, watching videos, etc. In this way, it facilitates the work of the user and the company issuing the good or service.

The download of this app is done through large online markets such as Apple Appstore, GooglePlay or Microsoft Store. The difference between a mobile application and a website adapted for mobile devices is that your app will be installed on the mobile of your target audience in a simple way, without the need to use search engines.

Why should I have an application for my company?

It is a mistake to think that a mobile application is only useful in large companies and that its use is obsolete in small businesses or certain industries. It is also false to think that the applications are too expensive and that one page is enough to distinguish yourself from the competition. If you think like this, you don’t know what you are missing in monetary terms.

Almost any business, no matter its size, can and should have a mobile app. In fact, today, there are many companies only thanks to their applications.

Some of the reasons why every company, small or large, should have a mobile application are the following:

  1. Speed. It provides efficiency, security and ease for the customer to buy your product or service. This will encourage you to buy a second, third, and fourth time.
  2. Direct installation on the user’s mobile phone. In this way, the customer, even if he does not buy in the first instance, has our logo on his smartphone. As time passes, you will recognize our logo and we will be recognized in the market. If you have the application, sooner or later you will buy.
  3. Personalization of the mobile application to the client’s needs, thanks to the user profile that must be done when the app is downloaded.
  4. Strengthens the relationship with the customer.
  5. Greater accessibility. The user can access the application 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They can even track the status of your order, be it a sale or inquiry.

Benefits of having an application in my e-commerce

  1. Commitment to your clients. An app will help you interact with your customers in real time. It depends on the application you use, you will know its location and other information thanks to its profile. This will help you get the second benefit.
  2. More information for the study of the client and our commercial strategy. With a mobile application it is easier for the user to buy because it is accessible and if they have already bought before, because they trust us. This is the case of the Amazon application, for example. It has a website, but the customer prefers to buy by app for convenience.
  3. Stand out from the competition. If you have a mobile application and your competition does not, you have a lot of ground gained. If you have it, you can attract the customer with discount coupons, offers … thanks to the information in the user profile. You will know what you can provide that your competition cannot provide.
  4. Expansion of clients and loyalty.
  5. Increase in income.

If you want to know more about the benefits that creating a personalized app will bring to your business, we recommend you visit the blog Web applications: functions and benefits.

What objectives do we want to meet with the mobile app

  1. REPORT. Thanks to the app the client will be kept informed of the updates in the way of proceeding of our company. What’s more, you can receive notifications, even if you are not using the mobile application.
  2. TO INTERACT. Perfect direct communication with the client to get relevant information.
  3. LOYALTY. Thanks to the information obtained in the app, we can make special offers, points programs, etc.
  4. SELL quickly and directly.

What characteristics your application must have to be successful

  1. Make usability a priority. It should be simple so that the user understands it quickly and can be used for what it was created. The goal will always be customer satisfaction and their purchase. A good way to achieve this is to guide the user through the application until we achieve our goal.
  2. Constantly updated. It is better to create a basic first version. And, later with the comments and impressions of the users, create new and better versions.
  3. Attractive design for the user. The app must have content of interest to our target. By content we also talk about design and visual content. So we have to be careful with colors, labels, images, animations, etc.
  4. Accessible for all mobile devices.
  5. Contain updates and improvements.
  6. Being unique. We have talked a lot about differentiating ourselves from the competition. When we study the competition it is to create something new and different that no one has come up with yet. We must reflect this idea in the design of our application.
  7. Unique product that offers things that other applications do not. There are more and more apps, so we will not only have to differentiate ourselves from the competition of our product, but also from other applications. A good solution, for example, would be direct communication with the client, connecting our application with a corporate WhatsApp. This will give the client confidence and will make them think that whenever they need us, we will be there.
  8. Be social. Most apps have social media integration.
  9. Have a suitable name, simple and easy to remember. Usually your brand name is used.
  10. Possibility of working without internet connection. Many of the competition do not have this feature.

Can GMOL Solutions help me with an app for my company?

Yes. In GMOL Solutions We have an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics. We will help you to achieve greater strength in the market, improve your conversion and increase your income . Contact us and make your project a reality.

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