Microcopy: What is it and why is it important for your business?

What is microcopy

The famous term microcopy refers to all the short texts of a web, app or any other digital product. But the word “brief” is very broad, so we help you to recognize these microcropy with examples.

  1. Menu names.
  1. Button labels.
  1. Short phrases that tell the user what to do. “Click here”, “Buy here”.
  1. Form texts. “Name” “Telephone” “Message”
  1. Messages to communicate that there has been an error.

In short, “microcropy” is any text that has an interface. The rest of the texts such as the section who we are from a company or a blog post are not “microcropy” but simply “copy”.

Microcopies are important on the web

Yes, for two reasons.

The first is that, without it, the user would be lost. These short texts help the user to understand where they are on the web and which way they want to go. And, the second is that if you have good microcropies, your visits and conversions can increase exponentially.

The easier it is for the user to navigate your website, the more time they will want to spend on it.

The words of an interface are much more important than we imagine, it is the difference between a web that is taken care of in detail and one that is not. Changing a single word can mean an increase or decrease in sales.

Microcopy benefits

Microcopy brings many benefits to your company. Next, you will find a list of the main benefits that having a good microcropy will bring to your business.

1.-It will increase the ease of navigation on your website.Microcopy.

You will avoid problems when the user tries to perform actions within your web space. For example, if you have a hotel website and the user has not finished making a reservation yet. By creating a microcropy that says “your reservation will be saved for the next 10 minutes”, you will give the user enough time to look for their credit card and not lose the date they need.

Otherwise, the user may look at the dates indicated, put them in his shopping cart and leave it for later, when he has collected the passports of the whole family. Once all the information is collected, two hours later when you try to enter, you will see that you have requested your reservation and will be angry.

With something as simple as a short text your user will save time and money. In addition, if the user knows that he only has ten minutes, he will hurry to make the reservation and will have less time to back out.

2.-Create a positive user experience

This is the best way to end that person-machine feeling that operating through the computer gives. Creating a small dialogue with the Internet user who browses your website humanizes your brand.

For example, if you want your visitors to leave their personal data in a form. As they have to accept the privacy policy, put a message like “Remember to check these boxes.” It seems silly, but the user will feel that you care about him and want to save him from having to fill everything out again.

In Marketing the details count.

In the subscription form, provide the necessary information so that you know what data you need and that you include it correctly.

And if, in addition, money is involved in the process, even more so. Nothing annoys more than entering your credit card details and not knowing if the purchase was made or not when you clicked.

If you want to know more examples of how microcopy humanizes your brand, we recommend you visit the following blogs:

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3.- You will improve the image of your brand and differentiate yourself from the rest. Microcopy.

If you personalize your website, unconsciously the user will feel receptive to receiving all the information that comes from you.

Continuing with the example of the form, if what you need is for the user to leave their data, instead of just asking for their name, surname and phone number … you can put a call to action in the title of the form; “Every party needs an invitation. And you, don’t you have yours yet? ” With this close language, you will put your audience in your pocket and increase your conversions.

If you create a unique website with personality, every time the user hears or reads something about you and your company, they will be receptive. This turns into profit for your company.

A good example of this is Lucia Be , who always knows how to turn his website into a busy party.

4.-It will reinforce your tone of voice

The microcropy allows you to transmit the values of your brand and thus get closer to your target audience.

The writing in this type of text is not as formal or robotic as on other platforms. It is a pleasant and relaxed writing, where you can talk about yourself to your client. “Being equal, we understand each other.”

What will really connect you with your client is to convey the feeling that you are serving them in a personal and warm way. We all like to be treated with closeness and to feel that we can trust those with whom we work.

If you are clear that you want to use microcropy in your Marketing strategy, include notes that make your customers imagine what they can enjoy with your products, put them in a situation. A great example of this methodology is Slack, the instant messaging platform for teams.

As their device charges, they offer ideas to improve the performance of their tool or share inspirational quotes to help their customers through tough days. The key to Slack’s success is its positivity.

GMOL Solutions will help you with your microcropy

Carrying out an online Marketing strategy or of any other type is not an easy task. The competition is overwhelming and you need a good group of professionals who know how to enhance your brand and position it above the rest.

GMOL Solutions has a group of excellent professionals who are leaders in the market. We specialize in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics. We can offer you a personalized Marketing strategy through microcropy among other equally strong tools. Don’t wait any longer and help us complete your project in a profitable business.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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