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What is a domain

The domain on the Internet is the name we use for our website. It has to be unique so that our potential clients visit us and also identify us as a brand. Many use the domain to “humanize” the network and help the user to have a more accessible and simple navigation.

Its main purpose is to translate the IP addresses of users into memorable and easy-to-locate terms. In this way, any network service can move from one place to another within the Internet, even when it has another IP.

For your website to be successful you must have knowledge of web design, quality content, SEO optimization and make a good choice of your domain. It would not be coherent for your customers to enter a web page called when your business is called Carnes Ordoñez. The logical thing would be that it is called carnesordoñ, right?

But what if domains didn’t exist? Web visitors would have to enter each web page using the node’s IP (for example, it would be necessary to use instead of Furthermore, there would not be the same number of websites available that exist today. Why? Because currently there are many domains that share IP. For example, people who have several businesses and use the same computer, or even professionals like GMOL Solutions that is dedicated to making web pages for third parties.

Importance of having a domain on my website

If you want to create a web page, the first thing you must have is a domain. But with this not everything is done, you will also need a web hosting, that is, a web space. It is like the web site where you would place your physical business.

Once you have chosen your domain within the web you can create personalized emails of your brand. It is a way to strengthen the professionalism of your company and gain prestige among the competition and your own clients. A satisfied customer is ten new customers.

For example, GMOL Solutions has its own domain. With it we can create our own email

You should choose a domain that is memorable and easy for your potential customers to remember. In addition, it must be personalized, show what type of company you are and what need you will cover your clients. They are the same requirements that are required to choose the name of our brand. That is why most companies have their brand name on their hosting. It is the case of GMOL Solutions. Our name means Global Marketing On Line Solutions.

Domain structure

The domain has a structure with two levels. These two levels start from the call root domain, this is the empty name of your domain As of d root ominium the rest of the Internet domains will appear.

  1. First level. Exits the root domain. It can be .com .mx .org or others. These are the most used and common.
  2. Second level. Name chosen for said domain. Example. gmolsolutions
  3. Subdomain. Drift from the second level. It is created by adding words separated by a period. The best known is www. However, we can add other subdomains to facilitate direct access to certain sections of our page.

If you want to know more about the types of existing domains we recommend you visit the blog

Why is it important to have a domain on my website.

Domain types

  1. Geographic, territorial domains or Country code Top-Level Domain (CCTLD). It is made up of two letters associated with the country of origin of the website or the company. It is used, above all, to convey to our potential client the location of our business. For example .ar indicates that the web page we visit corresponds to the Argentine country. .br corresponds to Brazil, .co to Colombia and .mx to Mexico.
  2. Generic Top-Level Domain, GTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain). These are the most used domains worldwide. It is not subject to a certain country. For example .com refers to commercial pages, .org to non-profit organizations, NGOs or institutions, .edu refers to educational institutions .info to purely informational sites, .biz to business pages, .gob only and exclusively to government departments .,. thousand entities of the Armed Forces. There are many more, but these are the main ones.
  3. Mixed or third level domains. They are generated after the combination of a GTLD domain and CCTLD. They have the same function as generic domains, but are geographically limited. An example of this type of domain would be the pages in which we find structures in your domain like these;, Mexican businesses, Mexican educational institutions, government entities of the Argentine Government.

Does the domain influence the SEO of your page?

Yes. When we have a business and we want to choose the name of our domain, it will depend a lot on the objectives we want to achieve as a company. For example, if we want a business at an international level we will choose a generic domain, on the contrary, if we want it locally or nationally, we will not.

The extension of your domain has a lot to do with your SEO positioning. Note that only in the name you give your page you are already determining the location of your target audience. If, for example, you have a candy company and your competition is at the national level, getting clients abroad will be easier because you will be the only one of your competition that does it.

The generic domain will give you a better position in search engines. Still, if your startup is local, don’t use the generic domain. Even if you get a good position, it is useless for clients from Colombia to see your product if you want to sell them in Spain. You will get an exclusive domain for your page the more precise you are.

If you want to get the perfect name for your website, position yourself, have strength in the market, increase your income and be the best among your competition, it’s time to get in touch with GMOL Solutions . Our team of professionals will create your website from scratch and will make the most of it. Don’t think twice and contact us!

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