What is Instagram

Instagram is a social network of American origin whose function is to share your videos and photos with other users of the same application. It belongs to the Facebook group and is available for all mobile devices.

It was created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Today, ten years later, it has more than 100 million users.

In addition to being able to share your photos and videos, you can also share live videos, dynamic 24-hour stories, add effects to your snapshots, attach links in your stories, and share longer videos through the IGTV extension.

In January 2020 Instagram was positioned, according to data from the Datare portal, as the sixth most used social network in the world.

But who is the person with the most Instagram followers? Cristiano Ronaldo, with more than 238 million and Ariana Grande, with more than 202 million.

As you will see, Instagram is used for more than just sharing photos and videos, it allows you to achieve visibility for your audience.

How to use Instagram well

Every brand that wants to exist online already has a profile on Instagram. This does not mean that they know how to get the most out of their profile. We show you some tips!

  1. Use hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram are like SEO on Google. They will help your client find you. Choose well what they will be, alternate between trending hashtags and hashtags that not many people use. Use the maximums possible and don’t repeat them frequently.
  1. Be consistent. Try to post with a certain regularity. Instagram is a social network that requires you to dedicate time to it, but don’t upload 4 images in the same day. Be brief, but consistent. If we talk about stories, upload as many as you want!
  1. Carefully prepare your content. Don’t saturate your followers with information that doesn’t interest them.
  1. Use feedback from real people. They will increase your engagement and your web users will feel identified.
  1. Come up with a strategy. You won’t get anything if you only post what you want. Plan what you are going to upload taking into account what you want to provoke in your followers.
  1. Run giveaways. Essential to gain followers and reward those who are loyal to your brand.
  1. Use different formats. Don’t limit yourself! Instagram is one of the most complete social applications that exists. Take advantage of it! Let your followers know that you are there!
  1. Be generous with your users. Like some posts or reply to some comments. Even if you don’t see results at first, over time you will see how your engagement improves!

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Instagram Business

Instagram has become a very important Marketing tool for brands. Thanks to this social network, active communities are created online, which allows you to get feedback from your customers and an improvement in meeting their needs.

Companies have long used Instagram as a way to gain an audience and connect with their target audience. Now they can discover, beyond their metrics, where their relationship with their customers is.

Instagram already has its own tool for companies: Instagram for Business. This tool includes business profiles, analytics and the ability to create ads directly from the app.

When Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012, it conducted interviews with hundreds of companies to understand what they needed to improve their engagement within this social network. After carrying out these queries, three clearly differentiated elements were found:

  1. Businesses wanted to stand out on Instagram.
  1. They needed to give their followers more information about their performance at the business level.
  1. They wanted to reach more people who were not among their users.

Having reached this conclusion, different tools were developed that we are going to name below.

Business profiles

Business profiles are a free Instagram tool for businesses who want to be recognized as such.

Using Business profiles, companies can choose how they want their customers to contact them: email, direct message, telephone, by clicking on a contact button or by clicking on a button that says “Follow”.

Thanks to this tool, it is also possible to know the address of the company, unblock access to metrics and create promotions from publications already made.

Who can open these profiles? Anyone who already has a company page on Facebook. This will facilitate the means of payment when creating advertisements, in addition to taking advantage of the contact information already provided.


The Insights tool provides your business with information about who follows you and which publications have had the best conversion, all this from the comfort of the mobile app.

By analyzing the behavior metrics of your audience you will improve your product and the way you communicate with it, you will generate more relevant content and you will achieve greater profitability.

What do those metrics show? Post that become a trend, the reach of your publications, impressions, likes, how many times it has been saved, visits to your website, as well as data about your followers; age, sex, geographic location, etc. And one of the most important things; the time your followers use this social network the most.

Promotions on Instagram

Instagram allows you to create promotions from posts made in your feed. You just have to choose an already published post, hit the promote button, segment the audience and voila! You already have your promotion done!

The publication will be promoted for the time you have defined in the segmentation. However, if you see that it is not profitable you can pause or delete it at any time.

How to access Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business is focused on companies and businesses. This means that bloggers or youtubers are not included in this range, since their personal contacts would be shared with the public.

To have access to Instagram for Business, your business must have a company page on Facebook and be connected to Instagram with at least 100 followers.

What should you do to get a corporate account? Very easy! You just have to go to the settings menu, click on the icon referring to the business profile and complete the data.

Advantages of using Instagram for Business

  1. It will transform your business digitally.
  1. It will increase the visibility of your company.
  1. It will create engagement among your followers.
  1. You will be able to humanize your brand.
  1. You will generate traffic to your website.
  1. You will promote your products to people who don’t know you yet.

If you have a company and you want to get a presence in the market, you need professionals who know tools as efficient as Instagram for Business.

In GMOL Solutions We have an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics who will help you advertise and get the most out of your Social Media strategy.

We will make your project a reality. Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.


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