How to reach the target audience

¿ How to reach the public objective ?

Most brands, products or services have a defined audience based on which they establish marketing and advertising strategies with which they achieve the greatest number of sales and prestige. Within this audience we have to define another more specific audience: the target audience.

Target audience, what is it?

He target audiences It is the group of people who can potentially buy your product or service. That they can do it does not mean that they will, that is why a market segmentation.

Definition of market segmentation

First of all, it should be clear that segmentation is NOT the same as personalization. Although it is an essential part of it.

Market segmentation divides a market into smaller segments based on its needs, characteristics, customs, behaviors, etc. Through this division, our company goes directly to the consumer that interests us or, in other words, the one who can and will buy.

Market segmentation features

Make a market segmentation it is not an easy thing. There are many factors to take into account and that determine the final result in a proportional way:


This division is essential to define the tastes and preferences of our public, as well as the way in which they will be presented. For example, if we want to publicize the Christmas advertising campaign of a toy store, it is most likely that it is aimed at middle-aged adults, parents who want to make these dates a special time for their children.


Another way to segment the market is the differentiation between products that may interest men or women separately. An example of this division is razor blade campaigns; Despite being the same product, they have very different approaches if they target the male or female sector.

3.-Social stratification

Determinant in market segmentation.

A message that is addressed to the sector with the highest purchasing power of society will not be the same as that which will reach the middle or low sector.

It is clearly seen in hotel advertisements. There are those that are luxurious, focused on comfort, relaxation, the exquisiteness of their gastronomy … They usually repeat the word several times luxurious . For example, s This is the most luxurious hotel in Marbella ! , or come and enjoy our luxurious suites!

On the other hand, when our audience is from the middle sector, our phrases will be different. Come to Fuengirola for only € 30 per night or If you make your reservation now you will have a 30% discount.

Can I have two divisions in my segmentation?

Yes. Your audience may be, for example, a fourteen-year-old. In this way you have two divisions: one by age and one by gender. Or, on the contrary, it may be a 70-year-old woman from the middle sector. Here we deal with three divisions: by sex, age and social stratification.

The purpose of market segmentation is to define a specific audience, to choose appropriate marketing strategies that generate more sales for your company. If we know who we want to tell our story to, we will analyze their behavior and be able to get the message across more effectively.

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Segmented advertising

We speak of segmented advertising when once we have established our future consumer we seek to reach him through advertising. This split advertising is called targeted advertising.

Types of segmented advertising

1.-Geographic .

This segmentation is not limited to the national territory. When talking about geographic segmentation, it can refer to a continent, country, province or even neighborhood.

A geographical segmentation is reflected in several Spanish fashion franchises, whose advertising is focused on the shipment in less than 48 hours of all their clothes in stock to all those who live in the Iberian Peninsula; thus excluding the Canary and Balearic Islands.


This division occurs when we have a well-defined audience; by sex, age, studies, work, social stratification …

It is very useful in those cases in which we know that our good or service is especially successful for a certain demographic profile. If we stop to look at any catalog sales magazine we will see that Anti-Age creams are very successful in women of a certain age. It would be very strange to see a young boy in an advertisement like this, right?

3.-For interests.

We can define our advertising by the personal interests of a certain sector of society. As we discussed before, a common example is luxury travel or special offers on certain dates.


Remarketing is a strategy of the same marketing. In this case, we focus on those users who have already had a first contact with our brand.


If we know our buyer well, we should know that there are certain words that will make us connect with him. Keywords, especially negative ones, are a great filter because they take the customer directly to where we want them to go, that is, to what we offer. Once we have their attention we have much of the battle won.

6.-By day and time.

It is about the appearance of ads on certain dates and times, not all the time. For example, the Christmas or Father’s Day campaigns for chocolate bonbons, the purpose of which is to consume more on those dates. There is also the case of other products that are consumed only on certain dates of the year, such as sunscreen that is used only in summer.

If you want to know more about the types of segmentation click here.

What are the benefits of segmenting?

When our company already knows to whom it will tell the story and in what way it is time to see the benefits of our effort.

First of all, we are confident that our message will go directly to people who are really interested. In addition, thanks to a quality segmentation, the conversion rate is much higher.

Finally, it will help us to obtain more information about our consumers and over time expand and continue to grow.

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