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It’s no exaggeration to say that your homepage is your brand’s showcase.

On many occasions it will be the first thing others see of you, so it is important to take care of your image.

Here are some general tips to learn what your homepage should and shouldn’t have, as long as you want to succeed in online marketing.

The first thing to keep in mind is that perfection doesn’t exist. It’s impossible for everyone to like, with your person buyer you should be satisfied.

Only the experience will allow you to make improvements over time on your own website.

The key to make your homepage successful is to think about how to increase your results through it. Defining the goals you want to achieve is the first step in defining how.

How to design a home page that converts

  1. Display the result. As we anticipated before, the first thing you need to do is know where you want to go.
  1. Evaluate the process. Once you know what you want, it’s time to define what you’ll do to get it. It’s a matter of “taking steps back.” First you see the result, and then as you think backwards, you develop the action plan.

Before, it was enough to create a “beautiful” website but today, most websites are beautiful and aesthetic. Your users are looking for a lot more and you should give them much more.

They want value content, why you’re different and how you can fix their problems. If you add a “beautiful” design to this, you’ll put them in your pocket.

Goals of your homepage

Now that you know that your internet users are looking for more than just a good design, it’s time to set the goals you want to achieve and start your project’s action plan.

Here are the general goals that every home page should have:

  1. Draw attention. An eye-catching website doesn’t have to be a page with quirky colors or squeaky ones. It can be a decayed website with beautiful details, where the customer feels identified with the colors and typography chosen.
  1. Clearly explain who you are and what you do. You should make it clear what you do and what problems you can solve, as that will define whether you meet their expectations or not.
  1. Define why they should choose you and not your competitor. Show your audience that it sets you apart from others. Not to mention them clearly.
  1. Help conversion. Every home page seeks to get enough attention so that your pontenciales customers end up becoming end customers.

Items for your ideal homepage

  1. Include logo and company name.
  1. Clearly communicate the included services and their cost.
  1. That the client can clearly define whether it is for him or not.
  1. Add your contact details.
  1. Refer to your social networks.

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Netflix: Why this homepage is great


  • Includes company logo and name.
  • It communicates its activity in a clear and precise way.
  • Make it clear who the service is targeting.
  • The learning process is easy.
  • It facilitates the way to contact telematically.
  • It gives you the option to try the product and cancel it at any time if you don’t like it, giving you the security that you’ll like it.
  • It visually explains what you need to do to fulfill its function.

It’s true that every company is a world and Netflix probably doesn’t look anything like your business, but at the end of the day you’re both looking for the same thing: engagement.

The important thing is to learn from the best. Differentiate yourself but following the pattern by which other people have achieved success.

10 things not to do in your home

  1. Do not include your company logo or name. No one will buy your product or service if you are a ghost. You need to be visible for them to trust you.
  1. Have a website that takes time to load. If you provide users with a website that takes a long time to process, you have half the battle lost.
  1. Have a bad design or a navigation bar that’s hard to understand. Keep in mind that when we browse the Internet, it’s usually because we’re looking for solutions. If the customer gets overwhelmed when he enters your website, he won’t even consider leaving his money on it.
  1. Automatic playback of audiovisual content. This error is more common than it seems. This action distracts the visitor and wastes time on consumption.
  1. Go around to say the benefits of your company. The clearer you leave it to the customer, the faster they’ll understand. Avoid using funny or complex words, get to the point and use close language, without copying your competitors.
  1. Don’t call them to action. It’s no use working the content on your website, if you don’t encourage the customer to buy or contact you.
  1. Make it difficult to contact the company. It includes all the information needed to maintain fluid contact. Don’t make communication difficult or confusing because you’ll lose your client.
  1. Do not include links to important internal pages. It includes links to internal pages for your visitors to get to know you more.
  1. Include distracting graphic images. Don’t distract your users with eye-catching graphics. Focus your attention on your product or service.
  1. Do not include testimonies. Visitors to your website need to know if you’ve already solved other people’s problems. And if so, how did you do it.

GMOL Solutions will help you with your website

When you want to create your website’s homepage, first think about how your users will see it when they get to it.

It will take only a few seconds for them to make the decision to stay in it or run away fast.

The success of a brand it does not depend solely on chance. Excelling in such a competitive world is difficult but not impossible. It requires time, professionalism and marketing knowledge to achieve this goal.

Have a good marketing team working for your brand And offering a quality product is the key to starting the path of success.

The news trademarks Those who want to stand out today must know and understand that today’s consumers have changed. There is a growing demand for transparency, due to the massive information we receive on the Internet.

In addition, we start from the consumer’s experience, which in many cases is negative. Differentiating yourself and having a good reputation will help us that the consumer not pleased with another brand who is dedicated to the same sector choose us and stay with us.

If you want to build a successful and weighty homepage in the market GMOL Solutions can help you. We have excellent professionals who are experts in Digital Marketing, Social Media and Web Positioning.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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