Guide to using WeTransfer

What is WeTransfer

WeTransfer is an online system that allows you to send files without creating a registered account. It is based on an online cloud where you can send and save your files. It is valued by many web users both in its free version and in its paid version.

If this is the first time you hear about WeTransfer, we recommend using at least its simplest version, you will not be disappointed. The features of Free WeTransfer are as follows:

  1. You can send your files to a maximum of 20 users.
  2. Those files cannot exceed 2GB.
  3. If you choose the paid version you will be able to create your own cloud with 100 GB and a maximum shipment of 20 GB.
  4. You can protect your files with passwords.
  5. You can receive files from 100 users.

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4 steps to use WeTransfer

1) Access the website of WeTransfer. . The most striking thing about this system are its wallpapers. These backgrounds are advertisements with original designs.

2) Select the preferred mode. If you want to use the free version, which is chosen by default or you want to register to use the paid version.

3) Fill in a form to send files. You have to accept the privacy policy. Once this is done, you have to fill out a questionnaire to be able to send your files to a maximum of 20 people. In the form you have to fill in the following fields:

1. Add your files. Either from your mobile device or from your computer.

2. Send email to. Here you will write the email of the users to whom you will send your files.

3. Write your email so that the receiving user knows that you are the one who sends them the files.

4.Message attached to files. It is very useful for photographers who send photos of the Pre-wedding session to give a nice message to the bride and groom before the special date.

4) Choose how to ship. Choose if you want to send it by email or with a link for the user to download.

How to open files sent with WeTransfer

Once you have sent your files, the receiving user will receive a message from WeTransfer where they will be informed that they have received a file from you. When you open the message, your friends will be able to see the file name, for example: Pre-wedding and even when they can download it, usually two weeks from the moment it was sent.

When the user clicks Download they will be redirected to the WeTransfer website to start the download.

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The loading and unloading time will depend on the weight of the files received. This is generally a fairly quick process. When the download is finished, a sign will appear indicating that the download process has finished and will once again indicate the time you have to download it again before they are removed from the Transfer website.

The email sender of the files will receive a message informing you that the files have been sent and downloaded correctly.

Send files by WeTransfer for free

With the free WeTransfer mode, you can use its services without registering or giving any personal information, except your email.

This option has some limitations, such as that you can only send your files to 20 people for a limited time and your files can be up to 2GB in size. This would be 1024 photos, for example, if each photo was about 2MB. Still a good amount, right? This is why many photographers use this tool to send their finished work to their clients.

What are the best alternatives to WeTransfer

Google drive




Send Anywhere



Jumbo Mail



Firefox Send

Transfer XL

Benefits of using WeTransfer

  1. You can use the application without creating an account. Neither you nor your recipient.
  2. Free service, unless you want to extend it and voluntarily choose the payment option.
  3. Shipping is simple and fast.
  4. It is already used by 42 million users per month.

WeTransfer paid version

The paid version allows us to send up to 20 GB, store 100 GB in your cloud and reach 100 clients. It is a very big and useful difference for those who have a large client base. In addition, the files will remain in the cloud, unlike the free version that the files are downloadable only two weeks after sending. Once the time has passed, they will be removed.

Another unique feature of WeTransfer’s payment method is the possibility of customizing the sending background of your files. The paid version costs € 120 per year or € 12 per month.

WeTransfer is just one of the many tools that a web professional should know about. In GMOL Solutions We know all the necessary tools to make your online business a success. If you want to improve the design of your website, create better graphics or improve your SEO Contact us and you will stop worrying very soon. Trust professionals, trust at GMOL Solutions.

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