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What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google. It is used to get statistics of your website. Tools such as Google Analytics, AdWords and AdSense make it easier for us to position ourselves optimally on Google.

What can we know thanks to Google Analytics? The number of visitors to our website and also a series of statistics to indicate where they are geographically or even demographically partner. It is a very complete tool to help us define which audience we are most attractive to. But not only does it provide us with this simple information, Google Analytics goes further and helps us achieve the performance of our Google AdWords campaign, our conversion rate, the reason why some visitors leave our website or, even the behavior of users at the time of purchase of our product.

It is an extraordinary service to analyze where we are failing in order to improve it. If it doesn’t work, we have to change it. And if it works, improve it.

How Google Analytics works

Navigating Google Analytics is easy. On the left side of the browser we always find the reports that GA offers us. There are also the “intelligence events” functions that allow us to configure and customize alerts that notify us on certain occasions. For example, when we have not received visitors for more than five days.

But how does Google get all this information? GA achieves it from three variables: the browser, cookies and JavaScript code. The latter is created when you have already been registered on the platform.

Over time, Google will collect all the activity information on your website and include it in Google Analytics. Using this service is very important if we want our e-commerce or our website to proliferate. If we do not have computer knowledge it is essential to contact someone who can help us as GMOL Solutions.

How to install Google Analytics

The first step to start using the benefits that GA offers us is to install a tracking code on all the pages belonging to your web domain. There are many simple tutorials where they explain how we can install Google Analytics easily and quickly, such as How to install Google Analytics.

In any case, you need to create an active account in GA or GA., And there obtain the tracking code that you need to include in your domain.

What does it measure GA

  1. How many people have visited your website.
  2. How is the interaction of users with your website.
  3. Your website hits. All virtual interaction begins with a hit. When a person enters your e-commerce Google creates a hit and sends it to GA. This hit shows the following visitor information: IP, Date, Time, Name of the page with URL and version of their browser.
  4. Session. These are the different hits that a visitor generates when entering our website. When the user enters the first hit is created. If the visitor spends 30 minutes on our website and does nothing more than look, the session will be left with a single hit.

What is a rejection rate in GA

One of GA’s metrics is rejection rate. It is the subject of confusion for many users who want to measure their website. It is not exactly about a user who feels rejection by our web space and leaves it. It does not measure the time the visitor spent on the page. But those who start a session that ends with a single hit. In other words, they entered the web, but did not interact in it.

Difference between Channel, Origin and Media in GA

Channel, Origin and Media are three very different dimensions:

  1. Channels. GA helps us define if our visitor has come to our website through Google in an organic way, by writing our URLS or by clicking on an ad. The main channels by which a user can reach our website are: Direct, when the URL is accessed directly. When it comes to organic search, Google, Yahoo!, Bing. Another channel is social, that is, through social networks: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email … When they arrive through advertisements, they usually do so through email or sponsored links, either paid or by way of organic.
  2. Origin and Means. Surely you wonder how GA can know from where you found the link of the page you visit now. This is because every session logged into Google always carries two dimensions with it: origin and medium. It depends on its combination, GA will group the session within the previously exposed channels. It looks like this:

That is, a channel is not a dimension. But it is a way of automatically grouping web traffic to facilitate the analysis of your web page.

In this article Complete guide to Google Analytics You will learn in depth how Google Analytics works. Remember that it is not a complex tool but it is not learned in two days either. If you do not have computer knowledge, put yourself in the hands of professionals and ensure a good result.

Benefits of using Google Analytics

  1. Get to know our users better. Thanks to GA we can know what our target audience likes, their geographical origin, from what device they visit us, how they found us and what interaction they made on our website.
  2. Make strategic decisions. Thanks to the knowledge of our users we can carry out and improve a good Marketing strategy.
  3. Create custom reports.
  4. To exhaustively monitor the operation of our website.
  5. By carrying out an effective Marketing strategy this will translate into an increase in income.

If you want and need to improve the performance of your website GMOL Solutions you can help. We have an excellent group of experts in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics. We will be happy to optimize your website and create an exclusive and satisfactory space for your visitors. Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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