Funnel or conversion funnel

What is the funnel or conversion funnel

The famous funnel or conversion funnel is a term widely used in Digital Marketing. It defines the steps that a user must take to meet an objective on the web.

The funnel is used to diagnose the percentage of losses in each of the decisions that the user makes online, before reaching their final objective. The points that must be followed most urgently are also defined to achieve the highest number of conversions possible.

For example, imagine that you are a merchant. You have a shoe ecommerce and your goal is for people to enter your website and buy. What would these urgent steps be?

1 get your client to enter the web

2. That later enter the page of the product you want. If possible, the one that leaves you the greatest profit margin.

3. That the user buy the selected product.

If you stop to think for a few seconds you will realize that in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is for your potential customer to buy the shoes, there must be several customers who enter your website. Not all customers who enter your website will buy, since part of them are lost in the process of the conversion funnel; those who enter the home only, those who leave without adding products to the cart, those who leave without making the payment, etc.

We must analyze the reasons for this event. Why hasn’t that target audience that knows our ecommerce bought the product? If we can carry out a good analysis, the number of users who complete their purchase will increase.

Why perform a funnel

The conversion funnel will help your company to detect improvement elements safely, as well as extract valuable information for your online company. Our team of professionals will work to detect the weaknesses of your business and to properly optimize the entire procedure.

The main reason why you should use a conversion funnel is that it will help you plan your business strategies, convert more and better customers. You will get more profitability from your digital marketing plan.

The main advantages are:

  1. The conversion funnel provides the percentage of loss of users in each phase.
  1. It helps to analyze the behavior of users on your website. In this way we will know when your potential client loses interest. Only then will we be able to know where to focus our efforts.
  1. When we do a funnel we can put mass marketing aside and focus on the people who are really interested in our product or service.
  1. It helps us calculate the return on investment of our campaign, better known as ROI.

In short, the conversion funnel will allow you to reach your end goal in the most profitable way possible.

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Phases of the conversion funnel

We can distinguish 5 basic stages within the funnel:

  1. Acquisition. In this first stage we introduce the brand. For example, a brand of chocolates. In the acquisition phase we will carry out SEO strategies, actions in social networks, we will generate content, advertising campaigns on Google … The idea is that they know us and associate our logo with chocolates.
  1. Activation. Once they associate us with what we offer, it is time to earn the trust of the audience. That they know what we do does not imply that they believe that we do it well. This is why we must make a good impression on our first users on the web. The more positive comments you have on the web, the more likely you are that your sales will increase.
  1. Retention. If the customer reaches this stage it means that you have gained their trust and they consider you a viable option to make their purchase. Our goal now is to get them to stay on the web for as long as possible. This will increase the chances that you will leave your data and we can build loyalty. In this way, every time you have a special occasion you will choose us to give chocolates to your loved ones. A widely used strategy is email marketing on specific dates such as Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, client’s birthday, etc.
  1. Sale. Here your audience stops being it to become customers. We have already achieved our goal: conversion. For it to be a good purchase, it is important that it be as fluid and natural as possible, it tries to make the purchase as easy as possible for the customer, since when someone has to pay money and they put obstacles on it, it is easy for them to give up.

Once the purchase is made, does the funnel strategy end?

After the purchase is made, does the job of the conversion funnel finish? No, now the objective changes. Our new task will be to make them choose us again as the best making chocolates.

But how will we do this? Creating the best experience with chocolates when making the purchase. For example, it is not the same for the client to receive the chocolates in a simple box with plastic and chocolates, as it is to send the chocolates in a perfectly arranged box with a note that says “Thank you for your purchase Manolito, we want you to enjoy them with your loved dear ”.

The team of professionals at GMOL Solutions can help you with your conversion funnel. And not only that, but it will also help you create all the strategies that are necessary to carry it out.

If you want to meet the objectives of your company in an efficient, safe and with excellent results, contact us. We create your custom funnel, informing you of the entire procedure and taking care of your brand image to the millimeter.

Think no more! And trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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