Facebook: What is it for – Advantages for your company

What is Facebook

Facebook is a social network created to maintain contact with other people. The people you keep in touch with on the web are called users. Once you have them added to your account, you can share information, news and audiovisual content with them.

Facebook is the best known social network in the world. According to the latest studies carried out by Web Escuela, after WhatsApp it is the second most used social network in Spain.

But can only people register? No, companies and large brands can also register. In this way they can share content with their clients and collaborating companies.

How Facebook Can Help My Business

When Facebook was born it did not arouse any interest among companies. It was used merely to share photos and videos with your Facebook friends.

Over time, businesses discovered its potential as a dissemination tool. Today, there are Marketing professionals who are exclusively dedicated to creating Facebook Ads campaigns. Why?

  1. It will increase your visibility on the Internet. Users will find you more easily and know what you offer.
  1. It will improve your brand image. Managing your Facebook page allows you to create a dialogue with your customers in a simple way, improve your image and prevent possible problems.
  1. It will improve your diffusion. Facebook is an ideal channel to make yourself known, you can even choose the type of audience you want to reach.
  1. You can create advertising on Facebook, as well as on other social networks.
  1. You will generate conversation. You can create a community around your brand. Your potential customers can share their doubts with you, so you will know the most frequently asked questions about your company.
  1. You will increase your conversion. If you manage your Facebook well, you will be able to convert your followers into buyers.
  1. You will create relationships with other companies that can help you in the future.
  1. You will lower costs. Advertising on Facebook is much cheaper than on other social networks.

Four types of people who use Facebook

Brigham Young University, after conducting an exhaustive study on this social network, defines four different types of personalities that use Facebook.

The study consisted of a survey of 47 people between 18 and 32 years old. They all had to answer fifty questions about their feelings about Facebook.

These are the four types of people who, according to this study, use the second most used social network in Spain:

  1. The perfect friend. The perfect friend uses social media to build relationships in real life and if you already have them, reinforce them. They hang up their entire album from past holidays, congratulate all birthdays, comment on posts regularly and use Facebook Messenger a lot.
  1. Selfie addict. As her name suggests, she is a person who loves to upload photos of herself. Share selfies throughout the day. Also recorded or live videos, locations, status updates. She wants to sell herself on social media.
  1. Crier. It is the natural evolution of the citizen journalist. They share complaint videos, proclaim relevant news and make appeals to society. As in real journalism there are specializations; some just tout food, others travel, fashion, etc.
  1. Viewer. The Facebook viewer is an expert in the field. His profile seems like a beginner, but in reality he has been open for years. Do not share anything, or comment on anything. It is like a ghost. They only see what others publish, going unnoticed.

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5 tips to boost your business with the help of Facebook

In an interview with Patrick Hwuby, Facebook’s director of business for Small and Medium Businesses, he gave five tips for anyone who wants to use Facebook as an expansion tool for their company.

They are as follows:

1-Create your company page

If you are an entrepreneur, do not use your personal profile to deal with issues related to your business. Always use your business account. It will give your company the feeling of professional and, in addition, you will not cause mistakes among your clients. Share all the current news about your business, as well as the products or services you offer.

2-Interact with your followers

It is important to respond to all comments that come to you. This way you will give the feeling to those who do not know you that you are an entrepreneur concerned about his clients and willing to satisfy their needs.

3-Toggle between your publications, photos and videos

The more dynamic content you provide to your users, the more enjoyable and natural your communication will be. Also, if you take care of the aesthetics and quality of your images, your users will be seduced to share them and you will improve your engagement. Before sharing your content, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Give your clients relevant content for their day to day.

4-Make special offers for clients derived from social networks

Give a value to those customers who are loyal on your social networks. If you acknowledge them, they will thank you. Not only will they continue to comment, but thanks to that discount they will buy and the next time they will do it without the discount and they will bring their friends with them. Special offers derived from social networks achieve surprising results.

5-Promote your Facebook posts

Promote your company’s important publications. This way you will reach more people and they will know you in your sector. When you promote publications, you can segment your audience and choose who will know you. Before advertising on Facebook, it is important that you define your buyer persona well.

If you liked these tips, we advise you to visit the following Blog. It will help you learn about cases of small and medium-sized companies that already use Facebook.

How GMOL Solutions can help you boost your business

If you have a company and you want to get a presence on social networks, you need professionals who are perfectly familiar with social networks such as Facebook and the users who browse them.

In GMOL Solutions We have an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics who will help you advertise on the best platforms with a personalized Marketing strategy for your business. We will make your project a reality.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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