What is EducaMadrid

EDUCAMADRID It is an Educational Technology Platform of the Community of Madrid. It is in charge of providing the entire Educational Community of Madrid with educational tools, web services and virtual settings to carry out its pedagogical functions. EDUCAMADRID is responsible for ensuring that distance education is carried out 100% online.

In April 2020, the storage systems and servers of this platform were increased for faster management and higher performance. Due to the pandemic that Spain suffered in March 2020, their visits increased considerably.

Enrique Ossorio, Minister of Education and Youth sent a letter to all teachers in the Madrid region informing of the acquisition of new tools for teaching. The crisis of the global pandemic forced many teachers to stop their management in EducaMadrid, but in April it gradually returned to work. The first classes that were retaken were those of the teachers. And is that EDUCAMADRID It is a platform where not only students but also teachers who want to improve themselves are educated.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 92.72% of the educational centers of the Community of Madrid used teleworking. Some from EDUCAMADRID and others from the web pages of their centers. The technological platform of the Community of Madrid is already used by Universities, Primary and Secondary Educational Centers. Web design is not only used to perform ecommerce but to create any type of web page.

EDUCAMADRID identity signs

-Free software services. Free software makes the platform much more reliable, since you don’t have to pay for updates or licenses. Examples of other platforms that also use free software.

-Promotes technological diversity to expand access to students.

-Access restricted to those who are not students.

-Respect for privacy.

-Use of real identities.

-Collaborative and creative work is promoted.

-Respect for individual rights.

– Legally safe for teachers.

EducaMadrid services

  1. Professional email. Filters are very careful to avoid spam and focus it on its educational function.
  2. Virtual classrooms. Nowadays online education is very important since it is a field with a lot of clientele and that greatly speeds up the work of teachers and students.
  3. Media library. It offers Madrid teachers and educational centers the possibility of having a web space where they can save their educational videos, files, audios, documents, presentations, images, illustrations, etc.
  4. Centers website. Web space for your educational center. They are generally used to keep teachers, students and families informed of the news of the center, as well as future projects, activities and dates.
  5. CloudEducaMadrid. It is a cloud storage for all registered users. In this way the student can access the syllabus wherever they are. In the same way the teachers.
  6. Educational portal. Environment created for the generation of content and virtual spaces for teaching.
  7. Collaborative tools. Like forums, blogs, wikis, etc.
  8. Instant messaging. For all types of devices.
  9. MAX operating system. Based on Linux. It is an operating system of the Department of Education and Research of the Community of Madrid. Made especially for educational settings. It has a free download.

Within this operating system we also find tools for conducting videoconferences, educational content, live broadcasts, School Library, etc.

If you want to know about the tools it provides you EDUCAMADRID we recommend you visit the this page.

Advantages of CloudEducaMadrid

The platform cloud storage EDUCAMADRID it is a very useful tool for all who use it. “Saving files on the Internet to be able to view them from anywhere” greatly optimizes the work of both parties.

In addition, it is a free service and is very important when carrying out security measures. Let’s suppose that we are students of the Degree in Business Administration and we have to do a 200-page work in which information is collected from different books, which we have had a hard time getting. It is a difficult subject to pass and we have a laptop where we keep all our work. One day a virus enters and we lose our job, we do not deliver it on time and we lose payment for the course that year. If we have this service, this catastrophe will not happen.

Benefits of using the Madrid Educational platform

  1. Time saving. Teachers spend a lot of time gathering information to pass on to the student. If this content is already collected in the virtual classroom it is a time saver for both.
  2. Saving money on school supplies and travel.
  3. Greater student participation. Students are better able to analyze class content as they can view it over and over again. This leads them to generate better understanding and resolution of doubts with the teachers.
  4. Group work through the platform. EducaMadrid , like the rest of educational platforms, it gives the student the possibility of carrying out group work with people they do not know. In this way, he becomes familiar with all kinds of personalities to make his way in the labor field in the future.
  5. Greater efficiency among students and teachers. EDUCAMADRID makes teaching didactic. This is the most effective way for teaching.
  6. Information always available. You can study at any time without time limits or stipulated days. The student can better manage their time.

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