Custom filters: how to create them on Instagram

Create custom filters

Even the most novice person on social media has ever used Instagram’s custom filters. They are fun, dynamic and give you some closeness with your users.

Instagram over time launched the Spark AR app, available only to certain creators. Today we can all enjoy its many functions to generate fun content on our Instagram.

Each Instagram user can create their own custom filters and share them with others. To achieve this, they must link their Instagram account to facebook account.

The application can now be found on computers. For now, not on mobile devices. However, once the photo is created with the filter you want, you can migrate it to your mobile.

Create custom filters with Spark AR

We’re going to show you what to do to generate custom filters through the Spark AR website.

Before you start using the platform, you should go to the home page and download the desktop app. Once this is done, you should look where it puts “Learn” at the top of the screen to continue with the next step.

1- Download the sample content

The best way to learn is by practicing. Use sample content to get acquainted with Spark AR custom filters.

To get started with a simple one we recommend “Face Tracking”.

2- Set up the face tracker

A very interesting option that will allow you to get great results in your photos and above all, originality.

Before setting up the tracker, you must import the sample effect provided by the app itself.

Configuration help tip: The “Moustache” option on the left, where you will be shown the active filters. Open the sample effect and start testing custom filters.

Once you’ve tried it, add the “easy tracker”.

It is important for several reasons: one, because it will help you detect the position of your face and another, because you will find on the left the option “Add object” and you will be able to insert it.

3- Add a facial mesh

The next step will be to click on “Face tracker”. This way you’ll add a facial mesh and locate it. For what?

So that 3D model responds to the facial expressions that we enabled in the previous step.

Try the simulator to make everything work properly so far, then do it with custom filters.

4- Start creating the materials

That mesh we just enabled is nothing without a texture. Without texture, it will not become a filter.

On the right side is a window that says “Material” to create that texture.

Where will the material be stored? In “material0”. There you will create textures and save them with other filters.

5- Apply textures

At this point we can try “Moustache”, since it is downloaded with the sample and you can activate it in the “Texture” option.

Once you’ve done internships, you’re ready to create your own custom filters!

Go ahead and succeed on social media!

Custom filter creation summary

  1. Export the effect, and then publish.
  1. Log into Spark AR Hub and import the folder where the effect you want to use is stored.
  1. Name your effect, add an icon and color to a video showing what your new filter will look like.
  1. Save the effect and expect Facebook to approve it. The wait is approximately 10 days.

Benefits of using SparkAR to create custom filters

  1. You’ll be able to use custom filters, share with your friends and have them use them, too.
  1. You’ll link your Facebook account to your Instagram account. This will help both social networks be up to date.
  1. The effect you perform will appear in your gallery to all your followers, they will be able to try it out and choose if they want to share it, in turn, with their followers.
  1. Spark AR has 44 tutorial videos, where you can learn in depth everything you need to create the most fun filters.

GMOL Solutions will help you create your custom filters

It should be remembered that not only does Instagram use custom filters. On Snapchat, users can also create their own filters. Don’t just use a single social network!

If you have an endeavor in mind and want to shape it there is no like a social media professional to do it.

Custom filters are a great way to create what we still have in our minds. GMOL Solutions’ Graphic design team has already come up with many projects and will do so with yours as well. Visit our portfolio and contact us to start creating your corporate image.

Your company will be updated, you will be fashionable, you will be able to reach more potential customers and you will gain greater power in the market. GMOL Solutions will help you achieve the impact you want.

Don’t think about it anymore and contact us through this link

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