Corporate video

What is a corporate video

The corporate video of a company is a video where the client is informed about who we are, what we do and how we can help. It normally lasts between one or two minutes. It is located on the main website or blog of the company to add value to the web content.

There are many ways for your brand to stand out from the competition, creating an innovative and original corporate video is one of them. If you manage to impact and excite your customers, you will create a loop that will allow you to reach their pocket more easily.

With an efficient corporate video you will be able to capture the user’s attention, improve the SEO of your website, increase traffic, the level of conversion and, therefore, your income.

Types of corporate video

Within the videos of your company you will find differences. Creating a video to use in advertising is not the same as making it to tell who you are. For both, we will use different methodologies. This is the main difference between a corporate video (telling who we are) and a promotional video (inviting the customer to buy).

The corporate video will help us not only to sensitize the client, but also to our future workers. A good team speaks well of the quality of services of our company. In this case, we could talk about training videos, whose function is to motivate workers to make an effort to give their best performance in the company. They are all corporate videos, but they serve different functions. There are also other types such as video animations, report, catalog or tutorials.

The structure of your corporate video

The form and quality of the video you want to make will depend on the budget you have, the characteristics of your business, and the message you want to convey. Expert professionals in Digital Marketing like those who work in GMOL Solutions They will be able to help you in this difficult decision.

  1. The first thing is to analyze what message you want to communicate, observing your competition.
  2. Make a script, evaluating the type of video. It will include images, videos, text, music style, explanatory voice …
  3. Production and exposure to the public.

Animation Videos (Motion Graphics)

They are made with designs, infographics, explanatory text labels, original fonts and very striking effects. They are accompanied by powerful music or an explanatory voice.

Video report

It is a video that alternates interviews with exclusive images of your business. The images are passed as the voice of the interviewee is heard and soft music in the background. On several occasions, satisfied customers are asked to give their opinion about our product or service.

Video catalog

It is a catalog in digital format.

Tutorial videos

The customer is informed about how to use or install the product he has purchased.


Another category of corporate videos is the famous storytelling. It is a video with high resolution images and a strong visual impact for the client. It is most used in advertising campaigns of great impact and reach; for television, for example.

To make a video that fulfills the function of storytelling we must have a high budget. Still, it is recommended whenever you have the possibility to do so. It will help you achieve greater strength in the market and surpass your competition. A video storytelling has a better chance of going viral.

If you want to know more about the types of corporate videos visit the blog Corporate videos: types, where you will learn all the subtypes of existing corporate videos. OR benefits of using a corporate video to attract customers.

Why should I have a corporate video

  1. Dynamic and effective way to make yourself known. Within Content Marketing, audiovisual material is also included. Even if we made the most attractive written content in the world if they were endless words, without any infographic or image the user would tire too quickly and our work would be of no use. If we have a corporate video, we will have a good first impression assured.
  2. Difference from the competition. The main objective of a corporate video is to show the client why they choose you and not your competitor. To achieve this, questions are very useful, since we make our target audience think. For example, what do you value the most? Think about what you have and what your competitor does not have and make it known. The simpler and shorter the video, the better.
  3. You will improve the SEO of your website. When we create a corporate video, it is normal to share it on our website and social networks. This way users can comment and share it too. What’s more, if you upload it to YouTube you will also have the opportunity to improve your traffic and position yourself in Google.
  4. In the same corporate video, without the user noticing, you are already making it clear which customer profile you want to sell your product to.

If you are an entrepreneur willing to succeed among your competitors, get in touch with GMOL Solutions and you will achieve everything you set your mind to. We have helped many people with good projects to shape them and achieve an efficient client portfolio. Through Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media campaigns … Contact us and we will make you a personalized campaign according to the resources and objectives of your company.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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