Corporate Identity: Manual

What is a corporate identity manual

Every company that wants to stand out in its sector must have its corporate identity manual.

The corporate identity manual is a document, where you design the lines that your company’s image follows, as well as its services, its institution and the products offered. Brand and logo rules are defined on all advertising channels that will be used and displayed to the public.

The corporate identity manual will give your brand professionalism and harmony in front of your audience.

Within this manual there is a lot of content, but we summarize it in two main categories:

  1. Basic rules on building and developing your company’s corporate identity.
  1. Application of the logo on different platforms.

Why I have to have my own corporate identity

Many businesses still wonder why they should have a corporate identity manual, or an identity itself. If you are one of those who says either of these two sentences; “I don’t need it because I sell my products well” “Those things are for those who don’t sell,” let me tell you, you’re more than wrong.

It’s real that the corporate identity manual helps you improve your engagement, but it goes beyond numbers. It positions you in front of your competitors and gives you a status that a company without logo and distinction will never give you.

Think about this, who would you rather be?

  1. The one who sells clothes like churros.
  1. “Milano”, the exclusive brand of women’s clothing.

Both are dedicated to the same thing, but the presentation is completely different. And besides, if you sell well, why not sell more and grow? Success often comes from the hands of nonconformists.

What makes up your corporate identity

There are many who think that a corporate identity is to choose a color palette and create a logo. If you think this way, you’re close but you haven’t reached the right definition yet.

Corporate identity consists of:

  1. Logo
  1. Attractive and harmonious color palette
  1. Tone of voice
  1. Visual identity
  1. Positioning
  1. Values

Your corporate identity manual must collect these 6 points to be complete. If you want to know more about branding we recommend visiting the following post: Brand Manual

Why it’s important that you have a corporate identity manual

A corporate identity manual as we used to, is a document where the main visual elements of your brand are collected and explains how to carry them out visually, both online and offline. Translated is, both in brochures and advertising panels, as well as social networks.

For two main reasons:

  1. You’ll save yourself time.
  1. You are guaranteed the consistent business image.

You won’t have to think about any ad campaign what to do, just how. When your person buyer sees your colors, slogan or logo they will know it’s about your brand.

An active business constantly generates campaigns to increase its visibility, through banners, Instagram images, flyers, invitations to important events…

Sometimes you’ll do the designs but most of them won’t have time and you’ll delegate this work to a designer. If you give it your corporate identity manual you will save time and save yourself money.

When multiple designers follow the same criteria when creating content for your brand, it means you have consistency in the market.

Items to include in your corporate identity manual

1. Logo

Your manual must have the logo in different ways, retaining the same line. You must put one on a white background and one on a black background. Why? Because depending on the campaign, by marketing psychology techniques, you’ll need to put a white background or a black background in your advertising. This way you will know which logo to use at all times. In addition, you must specify when you will use each one.

2. Corporate colors

Very important. Include your range of corporate colors and their references, both in print and digital material.

3. Typography

Each brand has a special typography. When you define it, always use it. And don’t choose her impulsively. Take care of every detail to show the customer exactly what you want. It is normal to have two typography; one for the headlines and one for the text. Other brands do it to have the same for both, but with different thickness, like GMOL Solutions.

4. Patterns, icons and other graphic elements

This will depend on each specific case.

Pattern :Image used as a visual resource to create backgrounds.

Icon Set :Set of icons to express different ideas, always related to your brand.

Photographs: Examples of photos that fit your brand tone. For example, if you sell pillows, you might show situations where the pillow is used. On the bed, on the sofa, in a hammock…

5. Optional Extras

In addition to the above elements we mentioned, your corporate identity manual may include some extra information. For example, if in the future we created a mobile app what it would look like, what we should NOT do under any circumstances, etc. Anything you can think of to help the designer make designs with your brand in the future.

GMOL Solutions will help you create your corporate identity manual

At GMOL Solutions we have an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing willing to analyze each client individually.

We believe that creating a corporate identity manual can help.

A client who is happy with a page design is happy, but a client who is satisfied with his needs is a client who is happy. And, as we all know, being is very different from being.

Happy customers buy once and leave. Customers who are happy come back and bring their friends with them.

If you want to create a Marketing strategy, but you don’t know where to start and you need advice, contact us. We will take you by the hand until you meet all your goals.

Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions.

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