What is Copywritting

The technique copywritting It is a writing technique based on the wishes of our clients that adopts tricks of psychology. The objective is to write attractive and persuasive content to encourage a certain action in our reader. Whether it’s subscribing to our website, leaving your details in a form or buying a product in an ecommerce.

But beware! Why rate the copywritting as copywriting is a false and incomplete definition. It is an art. The art of creating messages that go from the simple to the complex and have a presence. The power of words on human reactions should not be underestimated. It is by words that people unite in holy matrimony, and also by the beginning of badly found words wars can start.

How to do copywritting

Writing content for a web page is not easy, and even less so that it positions and sells at the same time. However, there are some tics that can help copywritter when performing this persuasive technique:

  1. Persuasive headlines. The first impression is everything. The title has to give the reader the idea of what we offer. If we have a bad headline, the potential customer will lose interest and will never become a consumer. A good example of a headline in copywriting is made by the North American company Fizzle , is in charge of training new entrepreneurs. Your clients pay a membership to access your materials and forums. Its headline is as follows: “Make a living independently doing something that matters to you.” Summarizes everything the customer can take advantage of Fizzle.
  2. Attractive introductions. You have already won the first battle. Your potential client has been caught with your headline, but now you must continue in the same line and surprise him to keep the interest. In this part of the text, the most important thing is to generate empathy. This is called touching the pain points. For example, Dropbox has very good texts on its website, in this case we will only see its introduction: “Dropbox collects all your files in a single centralized place. You can easily search for them, and they sync across all your devices so you can access them anytime wherever you are. You will no longer have to spend hours and hours looking for your job ”. It keeps telling you the benefits that you will have for using their service.
  3. Features and benefits of your product.
  4. Compelling social proof. Do tests to see how people react to what is already published. It is very important to feedback.
  5. Make an irresistible offer.

Summary: have empathy with the client and think about what benefits my company’s services to the client?

How do I keep an interest in copywritting?

The key to keeping your buyer’s interest is solving the questions that are being asked in their head as they read like What am I doing here? What will I get from this place? Does the price compensate for the service? What sets this company apart from the competition? Will I find this service in a better place? No, because we are the best place where you will find it. à That should be the main message. You are here because we can help you, we will solve all your problems at the best price because you are with leading specialists in the sector.

Some keys to keep the customer attracted are:

  1. Learn how writing works
  2. Social reception
  3. What works in the competition, copy it and improve it
  4. Also learn about what does NOT work and change it

Fortunately, the wording is moldable, to such a degree that if a text does not fulfill the purpose for which it was created it can be changed, improved or eliminated. We always seek to show the customer that we care and that we will accommodate their needs.

Basic concepts for copywriting

  1. Human psychology. Knowing the human being certainly helps to convince him. He copywritter It must appeal to the rational side of the brain: “This suits you” and at the same time to the emotional side “you will give your children the shoes they deserve.”
  2. Be direct and personal. Every client likes to be given exclusive quotes, taking into account their taste and personality. We like to believe that we are special. Ideally, client and writer can learn from each other. A trick for this can be the use of the pronoun YOU. When we use YOU people feel alluded to and attracted. They have the feeling of being the only ones to whom the message is directed.
  3. Evoke emotions. He copywritter It evokes emotions to reach the customer and create a bond. Once this link is created, it is easier for the client to choose us again. The primary human emotions are fear, controversy, nostalgia, or the desire to be. For example, thanks to this fruit juice you can be a champion!
  4. Do not be deceived. At the beginning of copywritting It was used to capture history, later it was adapted to talk about imaginary and fictitious things. When the writer begins to write, he must understand the fine line between telling a reality and a lie. Cheating in advertising can lead to very serious problems. This is why the writer must create attractive content but faithful to what we can offer.

Can anyone be a copywritter?

Not. Writing a text that serves to sell is not easy. To do this, you must know your target audience very well and segment it. It’s not just about getting in front of a screen and writing, it requires a lot of research and psychology.

If you want to know more about the functions of a copywritter, we invite you to visit the blog The functions of a copywritter.

Who does copywriting?

The writer or commonly caller copywritter. It is dedicated to both the writing of the text, the body and the call to action. It does not transcribe or communicate the message only, it also encourages action.

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