What is content marketing and what is it for?

He content marketing or Content Marketing it is about offering potential consumers the opportunity to get closer to the product offered without the need for so much publicity. It is approaching the client through quality texts. Content Marketing is responsible for the creation, planning and distribution of coherent and attractive content for buyer persona . That is, for the ideal client archetype.

The text type of the Content Marketing It is NOT advertising. The difference with this is your destination. In content marketing, the web user arrives at a brand property.

Advertising content is used to get the company to have its own audience.

A company that perfectly manages the Content Marketing You will not need as much publicity as you will have your own customers and you will not depend on the media to make yourself visible. An example of this is the group Inditex or the restaurant franchise Gino’s. The two companies have a defined audience and enjoy prestige, so even if a person does not see them advertised on television if he goes down the street and sees a local, he knows who they are. They have their own corporate identity.

We can say that today create a commercial strategy without Content Marketing is to create an incomplete strategy.

The key to a good strategy Content Marketing it’s the quality of the content. If the content of the website is good, SEO will do its job and bring audience.

What do we understand by content marketing?

By Content Marketing any type of publication is understood. For example:

-On-line. (e-books, newsletter …)

-Social. through post on Instagram, tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn …)



But do not stay only with the easy. Presentations can also be uploaded to Slideshare, another means of attracting traffic and leads. Or Tiktok and Houseparty. The virtual world is full of endless opportunities. Images, infographics, webinars, videos, screencasts, presentations… everything is content.

He Content Marketing also implies a feedback between company and web user. Being there when the client needs you will have a positive impact on your reputation.

Benefits of Content Marketing

  1. Differentiate yourself from the competition.

If your competition uses advertising and you use content marketing, you will have an advantage over it. In case the competition also has the same strategy, you will be able to create your own style, different from theirs and segment your audience.

2. Segmentation.

With the Content Marketing we manage to reach only those potential customers already interested, without having to convince anyone to buy our product.

3. Boost lead generation. One of the great advantages of creating Content Marketing is the incredible generation of leads.

4. Trust and credibility. If you create a lot of content, your clients will see that you are an expert in your sector, they will interact more with you and it will be more loyal.

By eliminating advertising, communication becomes more fluid. Nobody likes to feel compelled or encouraged to constantly buy. The confidence of our potential consumers comes when the foundation is their own experience. This is the case of companies with great prestige, such as Ferrero Rocher. They usually only advertise around Christmas, but they are sold all year round.

5.Improve your corporate image. Creating quality content helps your reputation improve, as it will give you the feeling of solidity and professionalism.

6. It is more profitable. When you create quality content for your potential client, you will obtain greater results than with any other advertising medium. Of course, it is a waste of time rather than money. You must be willing to spend time creating content or hire someone who is.

7. Educate the market. Produces content that responds directly to customer questions, thanks to feedback . In this way, the customer makes the purchase himself.

8. Increase the number of loyal customers. When you share content indirectly you are telling the customer if they are part of your target audience or not. If he feels identified, he will buy your product or service. Otherwise it will be a filter for those who are not interested.

9. SEO positioning. With quality content on your website, your position in Google will improve. Companies that use Content Marketing they have twice the number of visits to their websites.

10. Greater number of sales. He Content Marketing informs, entertains, instructs and generates an emotion in our potential buyers.

What is Inbound Marketing

He Inbound Marketing or Attraction Marketing It is the main strategy of Digital Marketing. Inside him is the Content Marketing.

Inbound Marketing It is any strategy used in marketing that seeks to capture interest without invading their experience. It is different from aggressive advertisements whose message is BUY, BUY, BUY. Your goal is to subtly attract your audience.

You invite the public to come, you respect their time and you wait for them to give you permission to deliver your message. To achieve this it is based on four pillars that are; attract through attractive content, convert into leads, sell the product or service to that lead and enchant them so that they choose us again.

What the Attraction Marketing it is a lasting relationship. He Content Marketing is based on following the work methodology of the Inbound Marketing. If you want to know more about this type of marketing we recommend you visit the blog The advantages of Inboud Marketing.

How do I get good Content Marketing?

Perform Content Marketing it is much more than just writing. This would be the easiest part. Before starting to write strategies and objectives must be defined.

You could say that some steps must be followed:

  1. Contact a marketing team. To get a good Content Marketing and boost your business on the internet you need to contact someone who knows how to do it. Creating quality content is not easy or fast, so you will need someone who has the skill and experience. This will help you define the choice of themes, language, corporate colors, etc.
  2. Be clear about where you want to be seen. This is perhaps the most important point. If you want to get an audience, you have to know what type you want. You can generate leads, use text, audio, video content …
  3. Once the second step is done, you must choose the keywords that will attract your audience. Your marketing team will help you.

When you do these three steps and the marketing team begins to do its work, it will be a matter of time before your company is positioned, you get a reputation and a greater number of clients.

If you want to get an excellent marketing team, you are on the right website. GMOL Solutions offers you an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing. The SEO content that your website will have with us will be enviable for your competition. Contact us and discover everything we can do for your company. Trust professionals, trust GMOL Solutions

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