Color psychology in graphic design

What is Psychology of color

What is the psychology of color? How does it work? How important is the choice of a color for our brand? How much can a color influence our decisions and even our emotions?

Color plays a very important role in the perception of a brand, so much so, that it generates many doubts and fear when choosing it. The psychology of color uses to build a strong brand, a brand that is also capable of connecting with its audience.

In this article we are going to help you understand a little better the psychology of color and the meaning of some of the most common colors in design, you will be amazed to know the power they can have! But first of all … what is the psychology of color?

The psychology of color study the colors and its influence on human behavior. Its main objective is to determine how each color it affects our everyday decisions.

Within graphic design, the psychology of color is “a field of science that analyzes all the effects that different colors have on people’s perception and how they can influence their behavior, emotions, feelings, reactions and even taking of decisions ”.

Do the colors influence my clients?

Yes. He color it can positively or negatively influence our consumers. The colors used to sell a certain product can cause powerful reactions.

Can the color of a shirt motivate you to buy it? Can the packaging of a certain product make me choose one brand over another? Well yes, the answer to all the questions is that fast, to explain why it is something more complicated.

When choosing the color of our logo, or even of our product, we must take into account that 85% of people usually choose their purchase based on the color . It happens constantly with stores that are dedicated to the sale of clothing.

For example, let’s imagine that we own a store in the city center. We have a regular customer. Her name is Eva. Eva loves our store, she comes whenever she gets her salary. We have a well-located store, a lot of customers and we also run a very good website that is always active. Eva has been browsing our ecommerce this month and has seen a black coat that we published on the 1st of this month. Eva gets paid on the 29th and when she arrives she asks us if we have the coat of color black. Unfortunately they have all been sold and we have to wait two weeks for the warehouse to be replenished. As a good salesman, the shop assistant tries to sell you the same coat, but color Red. Will Eva buy this consolation prize or wait for the coat to arrive at the COLOR What does he want?

Why should I use colors well

  1. If we always use the same colors our clients will recognize us as a brand.
  2. It helps us remember more easily. If we see an image in black and white it will be more difficult to remember than an image of colors like yellow or orange.
  3. Continuing with the previous point, advertisements with colors Live are received 42% more often than those who do not use them.

If we stop to think, the color ranges that are chosen in advertising campaigns are not random or by chance, there is an investigation behind that looks for certain reactions, as well as reaching a certain audience.

What meaning does each color have


He color Yellow inspires a good mood and creates a feeling of well-being.

It transmits positive feelings such as optimism, joy, intelligence, happiness and energy. Although it also has negative connotations such as insecurity, jealousy, resentment, selfishness or falsehood.


Is he color more powerful and coveted by consumers. The most used in advertising. It inspires courage to do what it costs us, power, attraction and sensuality.


It inspires energy, persuasion, motivation, and self-confidence. When we think of him color orange vitamins, some fruits or energy drinks that have this color come to mind. It also increases sexual tone. Still this color has few followers.


It’s about a color inspiring. It brings feelings of tranquility and serenity. It inspires relaxation, confidence, success, depth, loyalty and professionalism. It’s a good color for a corporate image of a spa whose message is: come forget about your problems and find yourself!

It’s one of the colors with more success in consumers and also widely used in different brands.

In Syria the color celestial to commemorate the deceased. It represents the heaven that is desired for our loved ones.


It transmits anxiety and anguish. The poison is also represented with the color green. Despite this, it represents friendship, freshness, respect, life and health.


It is said to be color faith, that is why many religious authorities carry this color . The kings also used it to show that they were relevant characters.

Is a color widely used for beauty products. It has both positive and negative connotations. Among the former is religiosity, lucidity, wisdom and temperance. And among the second we have melancholy, loneliness and conformism.


It is used for advertisements that show an affective side. Is a color very feminine. It has a lot of positive influence, attracting feelings such as protection, affection, love, delicacy, innocence, weakness and tenderness. Still, it also has a downside. He color Pink was used in Nazi times to mark homosexuals in concentration camps.


It also conveys positive as well as negative feelings. Its positive side is the transmission of purity, light, goodness, cleanliness and perfection. And, on the other hand, you have negative feelings such as coldness, emptiness, or low vitality. In some countries the color white is a symbol of mourning.


C odor which is usually related to magic. It conveys elegance, femininity, harmony, dynamism and stability. It is also associated with coldness and greed.


It means permanence. It transmits values such as energy, luxury, money or abundance. It is widely used in jewelry advertising campaigns.


Black is said to be the absence of color . It conveys positive feelings such as mystery, seriousness, elegance and vigor. And, it also transmits negative feelings such as bad luck, hatred or unconsciousness.


He color more neutral. It means lack of creativity and feelings. Although it also means discipline, perseverance and responsibility.


It’s about a color comfortable. It is not highly valued, but it is widely used in home decoration.

Why should I hire a Marketing service

Many companies commission psychological studies to create the perfect logo. Without a doubt, the choice of colors in advertising has a great weight. Hire a Marketing service that knows the influence of each color depending on the type of client it will benefit you in many ways.

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