Color palette: Tips for your brand

Create the best color palette for your brand

The color palette is an essential tool when communicating with our customers and influencing them to buy our product.

Play a very important role in creating your brand identity. There is no memory more present in the human mind than that of a color. The color palette is not chosen only with neutral colors, you must find the borrowed tone for the message you want to convey to your audience.

Choosing your perfect color palette doesn’t require putting red as a corporate color because it’s attractive or attention-catching.

You should think about the psychological and emotional response you expect from your client. If you want a customer wants to go to your spa to relax on the weekend, you should choose a pastel blue instead of a red, however attractive.

Color theory

Before you think about creating your corporate color palette, you should know a little bit about color theory. Let’s start with the chromatic circle.

The chromatic circle is the wheel that represents the traditional color scheme model; red, yellow, and blue as primary colors, and secondary and tertiary colors are created based on them.

Color Palette: Primary

Colors of the circle that are equidistant. They cannot be achieved by mixing any color and most are obtained by mixing them together; yellow, blue and red.

Color Palette: Secondary

They are obtained by mixing the primary colors. Orange, purple and green.

Yellow + Red – Orange

Red + blue – purple

Blue + yellow – green

Color palette: Tertiary

They are also obtained from primary colors, in different proportions. They will always have more than one color than another. These are yellow-green, red-orange, etc.

Color palette. Colour combinations

There are many ways to combine colors, below we leave you the most frequent ones.

Color palette. Monochrome formula

Several shades of the same color. It’s subtle and monotonous.

Color palette. Harmonic formula

Use three colors found together in the monochrome circle. They work well together, as they start with the same color. It is best to choose a primary one, and the other two as secondary.

Color palette. Complementary formula

Use two opposite colors in the color circle to complement each other. Do not use them in equal magnitudes, as they will compete with each other.

Color palette. Neutral colors

Colors that are outside the chromatic circle. They will help your color palette to unify and add a sophisticated touch. These colors are white, black, grey and in some cases brown or beige.

Tools you can use to create your color palette

There are several websites that have galleries to choose your perfect color palette:

How many colors your color palette should have

Each identity is unique and your corporate identity will be no exception. But, as standard it is used as follows:

  1. 1 to 3 main colors. It will show 70% of your corporate identity.
  1. 1 to 2 colors that stand out. Used to highlight the most important thing.
  1. 1 to 2 neutral colors. They will be used to create balance and sophistication.

How I know the color that goes with my brand personality

60% of people who will decide whether or not to buy your product will do so based on your corporate colors.

Didn’t you know it was that important? Well, now you know.

Avoid using corporate colors that resemble your favorite colors because that won’t ensure they have the right tone for your brand.

Think about the emotion you want to generate to your audience. For example, if you want to create joy use vivid colors and if you want to show seriousness, more sober colors.

How you use your color palette will affect the image your customers will have of you. Your recognition will increase by 80% if you use them intelligently.

Why choose your corporate identity well

Once you’ve defined what your message is to be conveyed and the personality you want to show your audience, you need to choose the tone and for that is essential the color palette of your brand.

Empathy plays a very important role. Think about what adjective your client will put on you; cheerful, serious, professional, expensive, cheap, extravagant, tasty… Be consistent with the image you want to show and the colors you choose. Other than not, you could lead to confusion among customers and lead to rejection.

Choosing your brand’s color palette well will bring great benefits at the marketing level.


  1. Quick identification by your audience.
  1. Save time when choosing what you’ll post on different social networks.
  1. Consistent and solid image.

GMOL Solutions will help you create the perfect corporate identity for your brand

Many companies commission psychological studies for the creation of the perfect corporate identity.

Without a doubt the choice of colors in advertising has a great weight. Hiring a Marketing service that knows the influence of each color depending on the type of customer will benefit you in many ways.

GMOL Solutions has an excellent group of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Web Positioning. This means that we know what your consumers need and how to treat the information that will come to them.

You’ll increase your sales, improve your corporate image, or be created if you don’t already have it.

Your company will be updated, you will be fashionable, you will be able to reach more potential customers and you will get more power in the market. GMOL Solutions will help you make the impact you want.

Do not think about it anymore and contact us through this link.

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