Behance: What is it and what is it for?

What is Behance

If you’re a creative, Behance is the social network par excellence that you can’t stop using. It is a space designed for graphic designers, illustrators, cartoonists, publicists, craftsmen, fashion designers, photographers, architects, web designers, sound designers and all those who want to make themselves known in the creative world.

Behance was created by Scott Belsky and Matias Corea so that creatives from around the world could show their work in a genuine and organized way.

In this way, to allow companies and freelancers to make the known and expand their client portfolio, learn about the news of their niche, contact other professionals and publish or find jobs.

Advantages of Behance

This platform functions as a great showcase, where the visual takes precedence, so that everyone looks for their work. The advantages of Behance are multiple:

1. It’s free

Signing up is free and very simple. Just create a user and in a few steps, you’re already inside. What’s next is to start uploading your work.

2. Gain visibility

It’s an excellent opportunity to show the world what you’re doing. Currently, the platform is used by companies and customers to find new talent and meet the people who stand out in their niche.

3. Behance. You’ll find a job

If you’re looking for a job, you can also take advantage of it and, best of all; It’s free! So you can use the search engine and give some specifications, such as your niche, country and type of work you are looking for.

4. You’ll create your online portfolio

It’s a way to put together your portfolio and let everyone see it. This simplifies the options, as you can have all your material online.

If you want to show your work, just attach your Behance user. Both your clients and potential employers will be able to access and view your projects quickly.

Remember that you can also upload your work in progress.

5. You’ll create your community

Behance has gone on to transform into a large network that allows thousands of users to connect. There you can find creatives that inspire you and know what is happening in your niche.

Like any social network, it allows you to follow the boards you like the most and have your own followers. You can find out the statistics, the views you receive and also see who liked your project. In addition, you can receive feedback from friends and experts.

Still, you should remember that it is designed for professionals and is a demanding social network, therefore keep it up to date if you want to gain visibility and make your way through the competition.

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GMOL Solutions will help you improve your corporate identity

Behance can be a very important tool to create your corporate identity. By uploading infographics about your services, users will get an idea of your company’s values.

At GMOL Solutions we have the best Branding creators that you are going to meet. We take care of the contents, we give coherence to the information and we plan in advance to avoid unforeseen events.

We will teach you to enhance your brand, and in case you do not have it, we will help you create it for you. You will learn to control your digital strategy and measure the results to make improvements in the future.

When your account is already created, we’ll make sure your Behance followers see you as their first choice.

We will analyze everything previously published and disseminate what is new. With our new strategy you will help strengthen your reputation.

In GMOL Solutions We have strived from day one to show our professionalism through the image. Experience the pleasure of working with a leading company in the sector.

Trust professionals,trust GMOL Solutions.

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