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Market segmentation: Criteria

Market segmentation criteria Market segmentation is key to creating an effective marketing strategy. When you know who you want to talk to, you'll…
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Social media crisis: How to deal with them

Tackling social media crises In this article you will find out what to do in the face of a possible crisis on social…
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Good writing: 17 tips for improving writing

Do I have a good wording? Good writing is hard to get. Learning to write has helped many writers make a living and,…
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Hosting: What it’s for and its advantages

Which is a hosting Hosting a website is your accommodation. It is a web service in which the user is provided with a…
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Role of advertising in your Marketing Plan

Role of advertising today Today, the role of advertising lies within the fundamental pillars of any effective marketing strategy. It helps to meet…
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Corporate Identity: Manual

What is a corporate identity manual Every company that wants to stand out in its sector must have its corporate identity manual. The…
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Home: What your home should have

Home or home It's no exaggeration to say that your homepage is your brand's showcase. On many occasions it will be the first…
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Redesign your brand: What’s the ideal time

Redesign your brand Have you ever heard the phrase "redesign your brand"? Or, on the contrary, have you noticed that there are big…
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Custom filters: how to create them on Instagram

Create custom filters Even the most novice person on social media has ever used Instagram's custom filters. They are fun, dynamic and give…
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Social Media

Strategies to succeed on Instagram

How to succeed on Instagram Do you have a new business and want to succeed on Instagram? In this article you will learn…
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